Destro – Heartbreakers (music video)

Destro – Heartbreakers (music video)


De5tro – HeartBreakers


Check out LA based band De5tro’s music video for promo single “HeartBreakers” this is a great a music video Directed by: Genesis Ian


here is a little about the music video

The story behind this video is about a young woman entangled in a love triangle. First, her and her lover breaks up at the worst place at an after hours party. So after they break-up she decides to be alone at the party until she was charmed by a stranger.
This stranger has been watching the whole drama of the couple breaking up from a distance in the club.
He preys on her vulnerability and seizes the opportunity to charm her to go for a drive with him.
He drives her to a secluded area on top of a hill to continue to talk about what happened at the club.
He finally dis-arms her insecurities by seducing her with his words.. they start to kiss and suddenly she snaps back into realizing she’s done a foolish thing.. She tell’s him to stop and tell’s him to take her back to the show.. the show as in reference to the band performing at the club / after hours party. She’s thinking about her lover looking for her in the club all night.. But at this moment after kissing the stranger it is too late. He answers her “Perhaps you misunderstood my intentions”.. He attacks her by biting her neck.. she fights back and eventually exhausted her energy. He takes his time by devouring her.
In the end he goes back to the club and follows her girlfriend to her apartment and waits til’ morning to tell her that her friend is missing.
“How can you break my heart and tell me you still love me?”
I thought to myself this is a very common thing people go thru in most relationships… An old friend once told me that there is always gonna be a cat and a mouse in every relationship. Someone out of the pair will always be chasing that person. Which inspired me to make a sort of a “chain of fools” story telling for the video. Or in metaphor “the food chain of physical attraction”.

Be on the look out for De5tro’s debut album this year 2014

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