Qiensave – Si Estuverias Aquí (Exteneded Version Download)


today we have the Extended Version of Qiensave’s “Si Estuvieras Aquí” for download. after releasing the original Si Estuvieras Aquí on Valentines Day, Qiensave added 3 new acoustic songs to his acoustic sessiontape, made over 500 physical copies and gave them out. now he would like to put it up online for everyone to download it. So take a little time out of your day and download the Extended Version of Si Estuvieras Aquí below and get ready because his debut album is coming

Qiensave – Si Estuvieras Aquí (Extended Version) NEW LINK!

you can also download the track individually below

01. Como Ver Te?
02. Dama De La Caguamas
03. Ode To Brad
04. Si Estuvieras Aqui
05. Bella Ciudad (original)
06. Compromise
07. 100Cias
08. Burn The Buildings Down

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