The Suspects ft Sinful – Mexican (Music Download & Music Video) #HHW


today on #TBT we have a song by the group formerly called The Suspects that was gaining momentum with there titled track Mexican and it featured Sinful El Pecador. people online were responding extremely well. At one point an on-air personality from Los Angele’s Rock Station KROQ heard them playing there song in a parking lot, and asked them if he could have a copy of the song Mexican for he can play it on the radio.2 days later it was playing threw out Los Angeles airwaves, anyways below there are both the song for download and you can check out the music video as well

The Suspects ft Sinful – Mexican (Audio Download/Stream Here)

its to bad that The Suspects parted ways and chose to take different career, because i believe they could have been something special. i guess I’m one of the lucky ones that got to listen to some of there unreleased/incomplete music and maybe one day i will release the unreleased EP… for now keep coming back to


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