Los Tiliches – Tú Basura Es Mi Tesoro (Sessiontape.com Download)

Los Tiliches – Tú Basura Es Mi Tesoro (Sessiontape.com Download)


Los Tiliches a band formed of 3 brothers born in South Gate Ca, in a time when the Rodney King Riots was fresh in the worlds mind & Los Angeles was still trying to pick up the pieces. Moving to a small town off the 101 surrounded by field of the Salinas Valley. Mario (Guitar/Lead Vocals), Willy (Base/Backups) & Ricardo (Drums/Melody). Growing up the brother had a love for music picking up instruments at a young age. In the mid 2000’s the brother’s came together and formed Los Tiliches. Beginning like most bands by covering other bands songs they began to create their own style and sound. In 2011 Los Tiliches joined a battle of the bands in Los Angeles and won a 8 hour studio session to create their 5 song demo. 3 years have passed and around 5000 cd’s sold or given away at their shows. Los Tiliches finally join the modern era of music and put there original demo CD entitled “Tú Basura Es Mi Tesoro” online for free download.  Included in the download will be 2 bonus tracks, so click on the link below and download Los Tiliches demo CD.

Los Tiliches – Tú Basura Es Mi Tesoro (Download Click) UPDATE LINK!


01. Ven
02. Espeiru Santo
o3. Save You
04. No Parare
05. 68
06. Con El Amor ft Qiensave

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