Cali Conscious – High Times (free album download)

Cali Conscious – High Times (free album download)

Hey whats up everyone. A few days ago I went and followed Cali Conscious on twitter. Not to long after they gave me a follow back and sent me a direct message to downloaded their debut album “High Times” (originally released in 2013) and i am truly glad i did because they got some really inspiring music. Coming out Huntington Beach, CA Cali Conscious play their unique style of Barefoot Beach Reggae mixed with a California twist that makes them stand out from other bands. Below i have 2 tracks off their album and the link where you could download the full album, and believe me you will not be disappointed with High Times, and don’t forget to bookmark for all your music updates.

Cali Conscious – No More War
Cali Conscious – Alive

Cali Conscious – High Times (Download for free here)

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