Stephen Marley  ft Bounty Killer & Cobra – Ghetto Boy (Music Video)

WOW… Hey what’s up everyone, I just finished watching the
latest music video by Stephen Marley for his latest single “Ghetto Boy” featuring Bounty Killer and (Mad) Cobra. The track Ghetto Boy is off Stephen Marley’s
upcoming LP “Revelation Part II: The Fruit Of Life” coming out a bit
later this year. This music video left me in WOW, because it reminded me of two
things. The first thing was the lost art of storytelling no only threw
music but threw their music videos as well. The second thing it reminded me of
was the harsh truth that many of todays youth have to go threw these kinds of
circumstances wanting to or not. Stephen used this opportunity to try to deliver
a message, a message to break the cycle. So I’d like to leave you with the
video for “Ghetto Boy”

Stephen Marley
Revelation Part II: The Fruit Of Life
Coming 2015


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