California Roots 2015 (Sunday 5-24-15 Video performances) Fortunate Youth, Cypress Hill, Cas Haley, Fear Nuttin Band, and Fishbone

Whats up everyone…

It’s been one week since the conclusion of 2015
California Roots Festival at the Monterey Fairgrounds in Monterey California.
One of the best experiences I’ve had in a very long time.

Today i have a series of videos I’d like to share with everyone showing some of the bands we got to view perform at California Roots 2015.

The first band is about to begin and it was
“Fortunate Youth”. This was going to be the first time I got to listen to them
live and I really, really liked their music. Great sound. They truly made a new fan out of me.
Below there is footage of Fortunate Youth preforming “So Rebel”

Fortunate Youth – So Rebel
Filmed by A.Casanova aka Cyrrus1

There is nothing I can say that isn’t already known
about Cypress Hill, but “Got Damn” what an exhilarating performance with many, many “High” notes while they perform many of their hits like: Dr. Greenthumb, Tequila Sunrise, Insane In The Brain, Latin Lingo, Shoot Em’ Up, Rock Superstar among others, and a little fan interaction with plenty of motivation to go around. By the end of there performance I think I was so motivated that I began to feel a little numb, but anyways you can check out Cypress Hill performing “Shit Going Down” and “How Should I Kill A Man” below

Cypress Hill – Shit Going Down/How Should I Kill A Man
Filmed by: A.Casanova aka Cyrrus1

The next artist is Cas Haley. i myself had no clue who he was, but the originals stage area was
getting pack fairly quick. Cas took the stage and did his thing. He style
reminded me a little bit of sublime mixed with folk rock. You know that type of
music that makes you feel like I’m chilling, feeling good, that nothing but love kind
of music. Well below you can check out Cas Healy performance of his song “ Connection”.

Cas Haley – Connection
Filmed by A.Casanova aka Cyrrus1

Another band that was new to me was Fear Nuttin Band. Well i had no idea how amazing they were going to be. They definitely have a unique sound, and I like to catch them perform again, so hopefully they come back to the #831 some time soon. Anyways below I got some footage of Fear Nuttin Band performing their track
“Its Not So Easy“.

Fear Nuttin Band – It’s Not So Easy

Filmed by: A.Casanova aka Cyrrus1

Next up was Fishbone. We knew they were going to have a legendary performance, and oh boy they did not disappoint. Angelo Moore and his off the
wall energetic stage presence was on point every second of their performance. I
especially loved when he stopped to give us fans a safe demonstration on crowd
surfing. I loved it. I recorded some amazing video of this demonstration, and
it leading into “Hey Ma And Pa”, but the audio is no bueno for some odd reason.
The bass was so strong that it bleeds all over the audio to a point that it’s
unusable. Anyways Fishbone’s performance was so entertaining all led to their
final song “Alcoholic”. It stars like usual very calm, but once the music kicks
in the moshing and skanking began. That was so much fun it got my adrenaline
up. To end off their performance Angelo partook to some crowd surfing of his
own. What a great performance by Fishbone. Below you can check out some footage
that Peaceman S filmed of Fishbone performing “Alcoholic

Fishbone – Alcoholic
Filmed by: Peaceman S

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