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Wasted Noise out of Salinas, CA. Kyle (vocals & keyboard), Ruben (lead guitar), Hector (rhythm guitar), Hank (bass) & Alex (drums) took the trip to Santa Cruz, Ca to hit the stage at the legendary “The Catalyst” club. Last month we at had the opportunity to cover this crazy band’s journey, but they did not come alone as they brought along Dread I Knights front man Alejandro to the madness. Also Wasted Noise got some help from Lujan & Barry playing the Trombone and Sax respectively. Below we have the latest Video Exclusive “ Presents Wasted Noise”, so get yourself a beer, crack it open and lets get wasted.

Also I’d like to let everyone know that Wasted Noise have been working on their still untitled sophomore album that should be out later this year, and you can buy their first album “Barn Sessions” on iTunes by order finast online australia.  So keep it locked on for all your latest Wasted Noise updates.

PS: i can’t forget to give a special shout out to the new homie Andrew Sandoval of Sandoval Photography for getting some amazing photos that night.

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