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San Diego’s own Piracy Conspiracy took the long drive from southern California up to the central coast to open up for the legendary Alborosie at Hacienda Mexican Grill in Salinas, CA a couple of months back. While out here Piracy Conspiracy rock the Hacienda playing some of they own hits like “Sounds Of The Trumpets, Satan Is A Liar, Goodbye Lover, plus new track Wild West Movie. Once they got off stage Piracy Conspiracy took the time to chop it up with us at once the camera began to roll the energetic Mel C aka Piracy lead singer shined as her pretense took over. We also got a chance to briefly talk to Odz (bass), David (rhythm guitar) and Miguel (engineer). Towards the end of the night we caught up with the rest of Piracy Conspiracy’s band members Jeff (trombone & vocals), John (sax), Sammy (drums) and Chase (lead Guitar). It was fun time filming and hanging out with Piracy Conspiracy. Below you can check the video exclusive featuring Piracy Conspiracy, and do go to far because we at have more exclusives coming your way

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