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The homies South Bay Dub Allstars (San Jose, CA) took that short drive down the 101 to play Casa Sorrento Pizzeria in Salinas, CA, a little over a month ago.  Dale “Mink” (vocals/tenor sax), Paul (vocals/keyboard), Riley (drums), Cameron (keyboards) Leland (rhythm guitar), Ras Beeken (sax), Gregg (percussion), Mike (trumpet) & Dustin (trombone) hit the stage and began their performance with an amazing horn section introduction that lasted well over 6 minutes transitioning into their first song “Can’t Say Goodnight” letting everyone in the audience know that this was gonna be a goodnight of music. SBDA also played hits like “Fire (desire)”, “Cool Johnny Cool”, “MrBig Shot” &” Tell Me What You Want” among other new and old songs. While trying to get a personality piece with Dale and Paul we ended up getting preoccupied with some tipsy fans wanting some photos with the 2 leading vocalist right before they hit the stage. After SBDA’s performance I got a chance to hang out with some of the other band members and got a highly motivated personality piece. With that said  you my friend can click play on South Bay Dub Allstar’s video below, and keep coming back for all the latest features on

SBDA will be returning to Casa Sorrento on October 2nd

follow South Bay Dub Allstars @
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