Present Dread I Knights Present Dread I Knights

Last week Dread I Knights released their new single “Movimiento” (click here) off their untitled sophomore album that they’ve been working on endlessly, and some how they managed to make time to perform beside Fortunate Youth, Panteon Rococo, Ital Vibes, Wasted Noise, Bachaco to name a few. This week we are pleased to release the latest “ Presents” video exclusive and its featuring Salinas, CA’s Dread I Knights. At the end of August Dread I Knights took the Hacienda Mexican Grill stage opening up an epic night to a packed house of 850+ people as they performed songs like “She’s Tried To Kill Me“, “On My Way” and their new single “Movimiento” among other hits. In-between all the madness we also got a chance to catch up with Alejandro (vocals & guitar), Victor (precessions), Israel (drums), and their guest of honor Barry (sax), but we couldn’t find Danny (keyboard) and Julian (bass) anywhere. Maybe they were at the bar throwing back shots with Dan (Kelly) of Fortunate Youth, but we did get a cameo by Kennedy of Ital Vibes. Anyways take a load off its the middle of the week, so Why punish yourself? Click play and check out Dread I Knights.

Photography Credit: Andrew Photography (Sandoval Photography)

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