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Whats up everyone, today I would like to continue the epic night of August 28th with our latest “ Presents” video this time featuring Los Angeles’ Ital Vibes as they helped propel Fortunate Youth’s “Don’t Think Twice” fall tour and there first stop was Salinas, CA as Ital Vibes took the Hacienda Mexican Grill stage to a live Salinas crowd 850+ (I’ve been corrected) playing songs like “Israel Children“, “Move Slow” and “Say Waah (riddim)”. Sessiontapes also got a chance to hang out with front man Kennedy (vocals) as well as take a short tour of the Ital Vibes tour bus with Levi (vocals), and got a the homie Kennedy and Justin (keyboard) doing a little beat box while Marc (keyboard), Aaron (drums), Andy (guitar), Evan (bass) and Jacob (percussion) were busy packing all their instruments back into the tour bus because they had there next show in Sacramento the following night.  Take the time, click the video link and reminisce this epic night, but if you missed this show here is your opportunity to get a first hand video experience of the event. So keep it locked to because we got many more video features coming your way… Peace

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