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Hey whats up everyone, I want to begin by apologizing for the absence of new videos content the last couple of weeks. We had a minor setback, but things are back to normal. Today we have a new video exclusive featuring Project Out of Bounds (San Diego, CA). At the tale end of summer Project Out of Bounds began their “Coming In Hot Tour” which took P.O.B through the coast of California, and while on tour we caught up with them in Monterey, CA at the Cannery Row Brewing Company. While at CRBC we got a chance to chop it up with Kris (vocal & guitar), Austin (guitar & keyboard), Ryan (drums), Henry (bass), and Jeff (trombone) as they¬†talks a bit about their 2014 EP “Love Tone“, the new music they have been working on, a little bit about their tour, and performed some of the great songs that got them known through out California. So take your 15 minute break click play on presents Project Out Of Bounds

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