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Attention Fishbone Soldiers! We at are proud to release our latest Video Exclusive with none other than one of the funkiest bands to we’ve ever gotten the chance to film in FISHBONE. A couple of months back my brother and I had the chance to hang out with Fishbone, and they had one of the most epic shows that we’ve ever seen in front of a 1000+ Fishbone Soldiers crowded and skanking at The Independent in San Francisco, CA.

Fishbone performed some of their biggest hits like , Alcoholic, Let Dem Ho’s Fight, Ma & Pa, Everyday Sunshine, Wipper Snapper, Party At Grown Zero, and thats not all as we got a chance to chop it up with Norwood, gave free range on the camera to Angelo and Flyin’ Jay gave us all a little bit of Flyin’ Jay. So kick your feet back, recline a little and check out the funkiest, the skankiest, the suppa dopest most live band we’ve ever seen put on a show. check out Sessiontapes Presents Fishbone

Fishbone consist of Angelo Moore aka Dr. Madd Vibe (lead vocals/saxophone/theremin ), Norwood Fisher (bass/vocals), Dirty Walt (trumpet/vocals), Wet Daddy (drums), Rocky George (guitar), Paul Hampton (keyboard) and Flyin’ Jay Armant ( trombone/vocals)

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