Rise Up release “Rise Up: The EP” #NewEP

Rise up a four piece Roots Rock Reggae band coming out of Salinas, CA, consisting of Chris (Lead Vocals, Guitar and keyboards), Steven (Bass, Vocals and Melodica), Justin (Lead Guitar) and Alex (Drums). Rise Up recently released their debut EP titled “Rise Up: The EP” which features four unique tracks showcasing their diversity, and talents with the heavy bass lines, catchy riffs and tight vocal harmonies.  And the EP’s lead single “Nothing In This World” is a prefect example of their accomplishments as its helping pave the way and opening new doors for Rise Up. It’s chorus reminds everyone that “Nothing in this world can never take my music away” while it puts your body into a trance with the melodic sounds of the guitar.

rise up

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Aaron Rauber at Rauber productions in Monterey, CA; RISE UP: The EP was captured almost completely live in 1 day with minimal tracking and over-dubbing. “I have had bad experiences with trying to tweak too much in the in the production booth to create a certain sound for bands,” said Rauber. “So with a band like RISE UP with the raw energy they have playing live, I really focused on trying to catch that sound and energy organically, as-is.”

The EP will be available for free at all upcoming RISE UP shows including Sept. 17 (Twisted Roots Winery, Carmel Valley), Sept. 23 (Casa Sorrento, Salinas), and Sept. 24 (Bocci’s Cellar, Santa Cruz).

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