Wasted Noise Interview #YettiFest

Wasted Noise (Salinas, CA), has been a regular on Sessiontape.com since our incarnation in summer of 2015. We started by doing a video piece with them at the Catalyst in Sata Cruz, then we were trying to film a video drop which went sideways when alcohol was involved, finally earlier this year we released a the second part of “A Night In The 831: Casa Sorrento” which Wasted Noise had a slew of artist come to the show, and jump on the stage. Today we release our first interview with Wasted Noise which adds a new layer of drunken fun to those wasted guys as they tell the story of how they became Wasted Noise, how Kyle joined the group, plus so much more. The interview was filmed at The Bull And Bear in Monterey, CA during the second annual Yetti Fest. So grab yourself a beer and kick your feet up and check out Wasted Noise’s Interview

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