Landon McNamara – Don’t Go Away #MusicVideo

Landon McNamara (Oahu, Hawaii) a 8th Annual California Roots artist has release a brand new music video for his latest single “Don’t Go Away” from his #1 charting debut album A Dollar Short & A Minute Late.

Don’t Go Away is a great love song with beautiful visuals showcasing the beauty that Hawaii has to offer while telling a story of a man and women in love with each other as they climb the highest mountain, sail the peaceful seas, and visit one of the sets of Kong: Skull Island (the last part was pretty freaking was pretty cool). So take a few minutes of time out of your day and check out Landon McNamara’s Don’t Go Away music video below.

Landon will be performing 3 acoustic sets (1 on the bowl stage, 2 on the pop up stage) during this years Caliroots, so check out time and give this amazing talent a listen.

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