Presents South Bay Dub Allstars (CaliRoot Edition)

South Bay Dub Allstars a roots rock reggae band out of the south bay was first on back in 2015 (click here), and today they are back. This video is a little different as it was filmed during 7th annual California Roots 2016 and earlier this year a Casa Sorrento Pizzeria in Salinas, CA.

During the 7th annual California Roots we captured some of South Bay Dub Allstars’ live performance, personality backstage, and meet the whole cast. When we filmed earlier this year we had the chance to chop it up with Dale, Paul, Rich, and Leland as they discuss the journey that SBDA has had so far and what is coming in the near future. With the 8th annual California Roots just around the corner (tomorrow) I believe this is a perfect time to release this Presents showcasing the South Bay’s finest plus feature cameos from Reggae MC Rocky Bailey and Ricky Ruda of La Yerba Ruda. So take some time today to check out SBDA latest video feature and get a little more hyped for Caliroots.

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