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Cody ChesnuTT’s new album – My Love Divine Degree is out today on Handwritten Records. Cody will also be in Los Angeles on Monday, June 19th for his album release party and August 5th in Houston.

order finast online australia says, “…he’s back with his deepest resolution yet. My Love Divine Degree is an offering straight from ChesnuTT’s eccentric soul…This time it’s driven by an even stronger sense of responsibility — to his family, to the black diaspora, to the peaceful proliferation of all humanity.”


The 13 tracks that make My Love Divine Degree were recorded and mixed over a span of 18 months, and inspired by daily observations, both internal and external, taking shape in the form of various rhythms and soundscapes, ranging from classic soul to modern synth experimentation.

follow Cody ChesnuTT @
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