The Movement release “Siren” feat. Stick Figure #NewMusic

The Movement is no stranger to the pages just released their latest single “Siren” which features Stick Figure. Their new single “Siren” is a call to everyone with the message that we can overcome greed and oppression with positive music, and a conscious, moral, and responsible uprising. “Siren” is the first single from The Movement’s seventh studio album which will be released latter this year on Rootfire Cooperative.

“Siren” came together when Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure mentioned to the the guys of The Movement that his favorite song was Dancehall off of their 2016 hit album “Golden“, but the collaboration didn’t become a reality until The Movement went on tour Stick Figure and built friendship which helped make this become a reality.

So take a few minutes out your day and check out The Movement’s latest track Siren featuring Stick Figure.

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