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Stick Figure released a music video for “In this Love” off of their latest album Set in Stone, in support of their New Year’s Eve show announcement. “In This Love,” comes from the musical imagination of Scott Woodruff and creates a vibrant sonic soundscape and the music video reflects just that. The Rasta gradient overlay matches perfectly to the reggae vibe heard in the track, and it is highlighted by tropical landscapes of Latin America and the South Pacific.

Long time friends of the band, Bulldog Media began filming the video in Costa Rica with  aerial shots taken near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The underwater shots were filmed by drummer, Kevin Offitzer, while the band was stopped in Tahiti on tour in June of 2016. The song comes from the musically gifted mind of multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter/producer, Scott Woodruff who produced, recorded and mixed the track at Ruffwood Studios.

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