Ozomatli “Come And Get Your Love” & “Solamente Una Ver” #MusicVideo

Ozomatli, the Los Angeles based band that has been in the scene since 1995 with the first release in 1997. Earlier this week they released two brand new music video from their latest album “Nonstop: Mexico → Jamaica”  a cover album which pays tribute to the classic and contemporary Mexican hits that the band grew up with. Ozomatli wanted to do something different with their 20 year anniversary so with “Nonstop: Mexico → Jamaica they brought a  reggae, ska, rocksteady and dancehall rythm’s with a variety of Mexican musical genres to their latest album. The two music videos they release are “Come and Get Your Love“, and “Solamente Una Ver” featuring Gaby Moreno.

“Come and get Your Love” is a song from 70’s recorded by the rock band Redbone. The music video is directed by Damon Vonn, and showcases the band members coming together to have a good old fashion get-together“Solomente Una Vez” is a Javier Solis song which was originally recorded in 1931, and the music video was directed by Miguel “MIG” Martinez. The music video has a throwback feel to the old days of MTV Unplugged and VH1’s Storytellers, so take the time, check out both music videos, and keep coming back to Sessiontapes.com for more on Ozomatli.

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