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  • Qiensave – La Fuga (produced by: Erik Canales of Allison) #NewMusic
Qiensave – La Fuga (produced by: Erik Canales of Allison) #NewMusic

Qiensave – La Fuga (produced by: Erik Canales of Allison) #NewMusic

Qiensave a cumbia rock band coming out of Salinas, CA, and no stranger to the pages of Sessiontapes.com have released their second single “La Fuga“, from their sophomore album “Mujer” which will be out later this year. Carlos and Jandro went out to Mexico City at the end of spring to go work with lead singer, guitarist and producer Erik Canales of the band Allison. During their time out in Mexico City they recoded several track for their up coming album, and “La Fuga” is the first release from the Erik Canales produced track.

“La Fuga” translates to The Escape, and this song brings the perfect escape to everyone who listens to it. As it makes the listener let go of all their worries only to allow themselves to be engulfed by the music of “La Fuga”.  With “La Fuga” Erik Canales brings out the best of Carlos and Jandro to the mixing boards as they take another step in their evolution and showcase the multitude of talent on this track, which has the perfect blend of instruments, and storytelling to make it an instant hit in the latin community and across the wrold.

So check out “La Fuga” by Qiensave below, and we have also added Qiensave’s first single “Mujer” (same name as album) to your listening pleasures below

01. La Fuga
02. Mujer

You can also check out Qiensave’s music video for Blue Dream by clicking here.

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