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Friday #MusicVideo Drop for October 6th 2017, after a few weeks off we are back with some more music videos, but this week will be a little different as it will feature videos and live performances from artist that will be performing at the inaugural Peace In The Park which is happening on October 7th 2017. So this weeks Friday #MusicVideo Drop will feature Jo Mersa Marley, Wailing Souls, B-Side Players, True Press, Simple Creation, Lee Tafari, Wasted Noise, Rise Up, and La Yerba Ruda, so get yourself pumped up for Peace In The Park by checking out these videos below.

Jo Mersa Marley – Rock and Swing

Wailing Souls – Shark Attack

Simple Creation – Wednesday Afternoon

B- Side Players x Curtis Mayfield – Pusher Man

True Press – These Things

Lee Tafari – My Song

Wasted Noise – A Night in The 831: Casa Sorrento Part 2

Rise Up – Piece of Paper at Casa Sorrento

La Yerba Ruda – Live at Casa Sorrento 2016

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