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  • Bang Data aims for February to release “LOCO” #NewAlbum
Bang Data aims for February to release “LOCO” #NewAlbum

Bang Data aims for February to release “LOCO” #NewAlbum

Bang Data (San Francisco, CA), is a band all the cool kids are well aware of. Singer/rapper/songwriter Deuce Eclipse and producer/multi-instrumentalist  Juan Manuel Caipo, who first started as a production team, have been making music together since 2008, taking the Latinx, musical movement to the next level. As NPR Alt-Latino said in a piece on the band this summer, “As they continue to show off their broad-reaching musical abilities, Bang Data remains true to its mission: delivering an edgy, alternative take on folklore with incomparable style and swagger.” With the release of LOCO, set for Feb. 2018, the band’s third studio album, they once again deliver the goods. Pre-Orders are available here (https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/bangdata).

For Bang Data, LOCO — “ it’s about this world and how crazy it has gotten in the past six months… We live la vida loca,” says Deuce, “The world seems focused on the wrong subjects these days.” Adds Ciapo, “The world is loco right now! Life is loco! We are bombarded with information at lightning speed, from someone’s food picture on Instagram to political propaganda on Facebook to hearing about another killing on twitter. I think that it’s just crazy.”

True to Bang Data’s sound, LOCO hones in on the many different musical textures and veritable assortment of sound, with elements of cumbia, reggae, dance and hip-hop mixed with a heap of rock n’ roll energy. Unlike any other music out today, LOCO exposes you to a fusion of contagious electro acoustic rhythms, melodies and rhymes.

When compared to other releases LOCO is more politically leaning, reflecting back Deuce recalls, “we always have kept our eyes and ears and hearts closely related to the community and the world we live in, so every album entails the story of how all the ancestors and immigrants and natives made the “REAL” America the beautiful place it can truly be. We don’t preach, we are artists. We, however as individuals will always try and have a voice for our people…our Raza.”

The new album LOCO was recorded and mixed at Caipo’s studio, Rockolito Music in Oakland, which brought the guys back to the place where they first started recording songs. For the band, the serendipitous feeling settled in when they ended up re-renting the studio where the guys had their very first meeting as future friends and musical band mates. “ I feel that reacquainting ourselves with that energy added fuel to how this album was made,” commented Deuce.

One of the band’s strengths has always been songwriting, and while the inspiration can hit in many different ways, Bang Data’s process for LOCO was unusual even by their standards. “Songwriting for LOCO was a little different than in this past,” says Deuce, “Caipo came up with a concept that if a song worked acoustically, then it could stand on its own as a piece of art; that had a lot to do with how these songs were created. Caipo would also bring out instrumentals, or ideas from the past, and if we felt something had an undeniable energy, we’d keep working on it.” Concurs Caipo, “I feel the songwriting has grown, and we are able to share the songs in a different way lyrically. We worked really hard together on lyrics and melodies and we did a lot of experimenting.”

LOCO also has some very cool guest musician, including Seti-X featured cosign on “Furiosos” along with Equipto of the Frisco Five, who dropped a verse on the track and also inspired the song, Asdru Sierra of Ozomatli, who played trumpet on “Memoria,” with Bob Sanders of Locuraperforming guitar on the same track. Also featured is the Grammy nominated Nicaraguan band, La Cuneta Son Machin, who collaborate on “Aqui No Se Gana Pero Se Gosa,” Ivonne “La Rimi” Iriondo, who sings on and co-wrote, “Todo Se Va,” and Bay Area artist Elena De Troya from La Misa Negra plays congas on “Candy” and “Loco.”

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