Tomorrows Bad Sees unleash “Frequency” #NewSingle

Tomorrows Bad Sees unleash “Frequency” #NewSingle

Tomorrows Bad Sees unleash their new single “Frequency”. The track is the first single from their highly-anticipated full length album Illuminate, due out in the Spring of 2018. The four piece band hails from the South Bay of Los Angeles and consists of Moises Juarez (lead-vocals), Matthew McEwan (vocals/guitar), Patrick Salmon (drums), and Andre Davis (bass). Since 2004, they’ve garnered critical acclaim and a strong worldwide fan base with their perfect mix of reggae, rock & pop.

Since their last album, the band has seen some lineup changes, which re-adjusted the dynamics. But this new configuration of the band helped TBS expand and rediscover their art. It has taken a little longer then they originally expected to finish Illuminate, but the final outcome will definitely be worth the wait, exemplified by the infectious lead single “Frequency.”

“Frequency” is perfectly timed to drop around Valentine’s Day with the message of the “frequency of love.” The band breaks it down stating, “When the idea of the song ‘Frequency’ was written and recorded it was based on the idea of frequencies and the vibrational healing properties that they possess. Most popular music is recorded in the standard tuning of 440hz,  not only did we record the song ‘Frequency’ in 432hz, where the A=432hz the alternative tuning of music that is mathematically consistent with the universe. A notable few that have recorded in this tuning, Prince, John Lennon, Robert Nesta Marley. The song itself was based on The Frequency of Love (528hz) and the vibrational healing properties it contains.” The track was produced with Chaz “Rox” Toney who also worked on most of the new album at the Mensch House Records Studio in Carson, CA.

Tomorrows Bad Seeds prove to be extremely talented musicians, vocalists and entertainers as a whole. Their live show provides a high-energy performance that will have you craving more. Since the band’s inception, they have shared the stage with the likes of UB40, 311, Pennywise, Smashing Pumpkins, The Wailers, and Fishbone, to name a few.