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Its been a good while since we releases a new video here on Sessiontaps.com, but today that has changed as we had the pleasure to film our latest video feature with Salinas, CA’s, own Pacific Grown. Everything began on March 17th when PG had their debut EP release party for ” Start From Scratch” at XL Public House. During that night PG performed their whole EP and a few other unreleased tracks to a full house.

A couple of weeks later I met up with Josh and Matt of PG to have a few beers, and chop it up about several different topics ranging from the the naming of their debut EP and single “Start from Scratch”, to how they got connected with E.N Young and Roots Musicians Records, how they got their hash tags, and so many other topics. After we were done chopping it up, we were blessed by Josh and Matt with an acoustic performance for their single “Start From Scratch”. So, check out our latest video installment featuring Pacific Grown.

Pacific Grown will be performing live with Indubious, and DJ Sugar Bear will be on the 1’s and 2’s this Friday April 29, 2018 at Casa Sorrento Pizzeria in Salinas, Ca. Doors open at 9pm.

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