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Hawaiian native and Los Angeles transplant, rising reggae musician Omik has officially signed with Mensch House Records, the label home of groups like Common Kings, Sammy Johnson, Fiji, Tomorrows Bad Seeds and more. In celebration of the signing, Omik has released his debut single “Uncertain Love,” which was co-produced by Common Kings bassist Lui ‘Ivan’ Kirimaua, online order finast online australia. Grounding mellow bass lines, smooth vocals with mesmerizing melodies make for a hypnotizingly dreamy track.

Honest lyrics and emotion pour out of Omik in “Uncertain Love,” crooning“what’s this I’m feeling it’s been so lost, and I feel like I’m dreaming…there’s something about it I just can’t tell, is this life real or am I under her spell? One sides that’s telling me no, but the others telling me go.”

Omik, also know as Kimo Carpenter, is a singer/songwriter, producer, and drummer who was born and raised in Hawaii but currently resides in Los Angeles. Both his father and older brother were percussionists, inspiring Omik to start playing music at a very young age. Omik began playing the violin, and shortly after went on toplaying the drums. He played for different local bands around Hawaii, and once moving to Los Angeles to pursue music full-time, he began touring around the country drumming for the rock outfit Bad Feelings.

In between touring, Omik wrote and produced his solo project, a mix of rootsy alternative reggae, music peppered with an Island style that paid tribute to his Hawaiian roots. After drawing the attention of Mensch House Records, Omik met Common Kings bassist Lui ‘Ivan’ Kirimaua, who later co-produced his debut single “Uncertain Love.”

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