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Polynesian recording artist GeorgeFijiVeikoso is one of the most dynamic entertainers the Pacific Rim has produced who continues to be one of the most influential artists in contemporary Island Reggae music. Fiji is set to release his special 2-disc album ‘Collection: 50th State Of Mind’ on Mensch House Records today. Since leaving his Fijian island homeland and settling in Hawaii at the age of 14, Fiji’s golden voice and expansive musical repertoire have launched him onto the world stage as a pioneer of the Island Music.

Since his 1994 album debut “Evolution” to 2010’sdigital only release “Fiji EP,” Fiji’s musical output has earned him numerous industry accolades and awards such as Hawaii’s Na’Hoku Hanohano Award for “Male Vocalist of the Year,” “Favorite Entertainer of the Year” and “People’s Choice Award.”  His collaboration on the “Island Warriors” compilation album earned a Grammy-nomination for Best Reggae Album, an accomplishment that only a few Hawaii-based artists have achieved.  Fiji’s island-roots inspired grooves have also earned him a place in popular television and film.  He co-wrote the theme song for “Baywatch Hawaii,” appeared as an actor in the film “Blue Crush” and performed on the “Live with Emeril Lagasse” cooking show.  Fiji has shared the stage with many of Hawaii’s top entertainers along with national recording artists: Gladys Knight, Aaron Neville, Beres Hammond, Damian Jr. Gong Marley, Ziggy Marley, Kymani Marley, Steel Pulse, Maxi Priest and Inner Circle to name a few.

Fiji’s new project, ‘Collection: 50th State Of Mind’ featuresmany unreleased material and material previously released but unavailable on digital platforms until now.  The 2-disc set comes in at over 50 tracks and features songs with Grammy-nominated J Boog, O-Shen, Bitty McLean, and Peetah Morgan from Grammy-winning band Morgan Heritage. From traditional island chants to contemporary world music, listeners are taken through a twenty year voyage of the creation of Island Music.  The soft and sweet tone of Fiji’s voice provides a solid foundation of strength coupled with honesty and empathy, along with complimentary reggae beats, uplifting guitar strokes, and imaginative synth chord progressions.

From the start of the collection, the first track “Chant of the Islands” ties in Fiji’s island roots, and prepares listeners for the beautiful musical journey ahead. The second song on Disk 1 includes a soulful and satisfying cover of the beloved Otis Redding classic “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay,” with undertones of bluesy acoustic guitar riffs and a chill acoustic island drum beat. Sassy background vocalists encompass the strong melody that Fiji carries to the end, leaving listeners longing for more. In his song “Morning Ride,” Fiji experiments with a funky bass line, lovely synth chords and a tight harmonious vocal hook to create afeel good summer driving song, inspired by lust and passion for a lover.

Newcomers to Fiji’s music will instantly embrace his smooth voice andexoticmelting pot of sounds, an epic, musical journey from the center of the Pacific to the rest of the world. His fan base and concert performances span from the Pacific Rim, the Continental USA, Japan, Australia, Jamaica, with new territories and international locales in the near future. Look out for Fiji’s new release ‘Collection: 50th State Of Mind,’ out June 22nd, 2018 on Mensch House Records!


  1. Chant of the Islands
  2. Dock of the Bay
  3. Riddim Of Life (Feat. Oshen and Damon)
  4. Did You Know
  5. No Words
  6. Why You
  7. The Glory of Love
  8. Anything You Want
  9. Sharing the Night
  10. Sweet Darlin
  11.  Love of My Life
  12.  Misty Blue
  13.  Isalei Lia
  14.  Lei Andi
  15.  Inspiration
  16.  Stone Cold
  17.  I’ll Be Yours
  18. Lonely Days (Feat. J Boog)
  19. Let’s Get It On (Feat. J Boog)
  20.  Morning Ride
  21.  Come on Over (Feat. Papa)
  22.  Jowenna (Sweet Hawaiian Girl)
  23.  Where Did We Go Wrong
  24.  Kamakanaokalani
  25.  Wifey
Disc 2:
  1. Chant
  2. Warrior of Love
  3. One (Feat. Bitty McLean)
  4. Tribal War
  5. Move On
  6. Indigenous Life
  7. Queen Cry
  8. Rise and Stand
  9. Rusty Old Steam Pipes
  10. Laie Boy
  11. Sereima
  12. Warrior
  13. We Don’t Roll
  14. Unemlament
  15. Smokin Session
  16. Rock Come In (Feat. Peetah Morgan)
  17. Natty Girl
  18. What You See
  19. Call Me
  20.  Ku u Aloha
  21.  Sosefina
  22.  Warrior’s Prayer
  23.  Mama’s Song
  24.  Tequila Sunrise
  25.  Satisfied

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