Karim of Arise Roots Interview

Karim of Arise Roots Interview

Today we release our interview with Karim Israel the lead singer of the Los Angele based band Arise Roots. This interview was one year in the making because we at Sessiontapes.com initially interviewed Karim in June of last year, but when it came time to edit the interview two of the three video files that held the 20 minute interview was corrupted.

June 2, of 2018 Arise Roots was back in Salinas, CA to perform at Casa Sorrento’s in Old Town. Before the band hit the stage we at Sessiontapes.com were given a second opportunity to interview Karim and this time the video is intact, completed and ready for you to watch.

We ask Karim several different questions ranging from their latest single”Nice and Slow” and current tour to the back story behind the “Kameme” to when we can expect their next album to how did Arise Roots come together, so enjoy this entertaining interview with Karim of Arise Roots and we will keep you updated on all things Arise Roots here on Sessiontapes.com.

Here is a second video with Karim that I felt should be a stand alone video because he goes in depth about the time he has put in though out his life working on missionaries (economic development) around the world, how he started and how he has is family involved. Plus touching on other serious issues going on in the world at the moment.


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