Collective Thought Release Debut Album “RISE”

Collective Thought Release Debut Album “RISE”

Vibrant reggae, hip-hop and soul fusion band Collective Thought has a sound of it’s own kind. A lyrical expression from the heart, honesty inspired by the current times we live in, and the spirit of the timeless perseverance of great musicians and free thinkers that came before them. From all different walks of life, the six members of Collective Thought combine their musical styles and riddims to create unique and unforgettable music and live concert experiences!

Hailing from Austin, TX, Collective Thought fuses the vibes and messages of underground hip-hop with reggae, soul and dub arrangements, creating a wide-reaching appeal. Formed in mid-2016, the group consists of (Emcee/Vocalist) StormShadow, (Vocalist) Kelly Hafner, (Rapper/Vocalist) Project Dead, (Bassist) Shawn Hallman, (Guitarists/Vocalist) SIlverback Jonz, and (Drummer/Backing Vocalist) Ras Christopher Francis I.
Collective Thought

Protest music, raw emotion and truth pour out of Collective Thought’s captivating and unique sound. The lyrics in their upcoming release Rise confront social issues, philosophical & existential questions, and the relationship with oneself and society. The songs continue the national conversation about racism, sexism, and classism that we see in America and globally today. “The more we listen to eachothers perspectives, the more we can understand eachother, and work through the tough realities in front of us, in order to get to a better place,” says the band. On their song “You Can”, Collective Thought sings: “Our African sons are falling, police shooting them one by one. Our mothers are tired of crying, for our fathers, our brothers, our sons.”

During the second half of “You Can”, Collective Thought flips the tables and reminds listeners of the infinite possibilities that come with the potential within each one of us. MC Project Dead raps: “You can fight like Ali did, yes you can, cause he did. Or you can dream like Martin King did, yes you can, cause he did. Or you can keep peace like Ghandi did, yes you can, cause he did. Or you can love like Bob Marley did, yes you can, cause he did.”

The band gives audiences a powerful and irie show to remember, and you can learn more about their new album and upcoming shows here.

Track listing – Rise:

1. Have Mercy
2. Revolution
3. Stars
4. Cymbolic
5. Mary Jane
6. Rise
7. Rain
8. You Can
9. Over You (Feelings Change)
10. Wondering

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