The Late Ones Drop New Track “Crosses” Ft. Gydnce

The Late Ones Drop New Track “Crosses” Ft. Gydnce

The Late Ones are back with new music for everyone. This past friday they released they latest track titled “Crosses” and it features a new band called Gydnce. “Crosses” is releases through Roots Musicians Records.

The last time we seen The Late Ones they were rocking the crowd at California Roots in Monterey, CA, since then they have been working hard on their craft and creating new music for everyone to enjoy. “Crosses” brings together a feel good Reggae rhythm and catchy lyrics. The song is about having a love and passion for music and creating, while not taking a profit and changing ones roots for money. After recording the single the two groups called upon Roots Musician General E.N Young to mix and master the song at his studio, Imperial Sound Recording Studio in Imperial Beach, C.A. 

So take some time out of your work day and check out the lattes track from The Late Ones “Crosses” featuring Gydnce.

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