Superfónicos Drop 2 New Singles “Cumbéalo” and “Tropidelico”

Superfónicos Drop 2 New Singles “Cumbéalo” and “Tropidelico”

Superfónicos is hot on the heels of a remarkable breakout year! In 2018, they released their debut EP Suelta that garnered national press accolades and lead to festival performances at Austin City Limits, SXSW, Auditorium Shores New Year’s Eve, and KGSR’s Blues on The Green. Ultimately they were nominated as “Artist of the Year” from the Austin Music Awards. Superfónicos are never ones to rest on their laurels and are ready to launch their next single featuring “Cumbéalo” and “Tropidelico” produced by Spoon’s Jim Eno at his Public Hi-Fi Studio and will be available on 7-inch vinyl from Public Hi-Fi Records. The record will be the first in a new series offered through a partnership between Gold Rush Vinyl and Public Hi-Fi called the Prospector Series

This release was recorded in late 2018 when Jim Eno invited the band to his Public Hi-Fi studio to record two songs straight to analog tape with no overdubs. This is the first time the band has done a 100 percent analog recording from top to bottom. Everything is recorded in real time with no overdubs forced the band to think of the arrangements slightly differently than on previous recordings. Superfónicos co-founde Nico Sanchez elaborates, “We had to think of these tunes more like old school Cumbia or how Jazz musicians would. Whatever hits the tape is the take, so we had to recruit additional musicians to play parts that we would normally lay down later in a modern multitrack recording.” The recording was also assisted by audio students from the University of Ohio in a program and partnership with Jim Eno’s Public Hi-Fi studio to learn the fundamentals of a professional recording studio.

“Cumbéalo” is a madeup word that turns CUMBIA into a verb. Vocalist and Gaita extraordinaire Jaime Ospina elaborates, “Cumbéalo is a metaphor for turning our eyes back to the primal and ancestral and to remember all the great things that we’ve lost in this process of becoming modern and civilized. We think that humankind is in a big crisis right now, because we disconnect ourselves from nature, our sense of oneness and our spiritual selves. Cumbéalo is an invitation to remember.”

Jaime adds, “Cumbéalo” and “Tropidelico” represent two of our most important influences, musically speaking, Cumbia & Funk. For us, in many ways, America as a continent, not a country, is like a huge patchwork quilt, and the African element is like the thread that sews it all together. These songs show how close, through the African ancestral heritage, the cultures of Colombia and USA are related and closer than many people may think.” Come hear the lineage of Cumbia music in its glory when Superfónicos celebrates the release of the single on May 11that the Mexican American Cultural Center.

Nico concludes, “We want everyone to notice the similarities between these musical styles (Cumbia and funk) and the people that create and listen to them. It isn’t about North or South America, or what language you speak, even though governments try and sow those divisions. What’s important is we remember that the drum is our common language and the dance is our conversation.”

Jaime’s lyrics from “Cumbéalo” ring so true in these times, “No hay fronteras y todo es unida” – “There are no borders and everything is unity!”

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