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Tony Ray Jacobo of Tribal Seeds Releases Debut Single “You Are Light” Feat Frankie J

Rising producer and artist Tony Ray Jacobo is set to release his debut single “You are the Light” feat. Frankie J on Friday, May 10th! Taking full creative freedom on the new track Tony Ray found inspiration right at home, ”It’s a love message to that special person that makes you better and becomes that light to your darkness. I definitely had my wife in mind as the inspiration for this concept.”

Tony Ray kicked off his career as a producer when he co-founded the award wining band Tribal Seeds along side his brother in 2003. The San Diego based producer has received critic and fan accolades along the way, with songs charting on Billboard’s #1 spots and Top 10 Charts. Never slowing down, Tony Ray is constantly creating new music. His influences come from a wide breadth of genres and bring forward rhythmic sounds and palpable movement.

It had been a while since Tony Ray had been interested in releasing new material and it was a serendipitous meeting with Frankie J that really brought together the new single. A mutual friend of his and Frankie J’sAdrian Cisneros got them together at his studio, Avant Garde Music Company in early August 2018 to see what Frankie and Tony Ray could cook up together. Tony Ray recalls, “I pulled up an instrumental that I had made a couple of years earlier and within seconds Frankie started moving his head to it and throwing up melody ideas. We worked late into the night writing and recording. Later when I listened back to what we had recorded, I wanted to do a remix of the original track building something new instrumentally around the vocals he had laid down. So I got to work on it.”

The new single was produced and mixed by Tony Ray Jacobo, written and recorded by Frankie J, engineered by Adrian Cisneros, vocal mix engineer Bruce Bang, and mastered by Michael Piroli (Lil Uzi Vert, Nicki Minaj, Lukas Graham, andChance the Rapper). The chorus of “You are the Light” reflects the different dynamics in relationships one has throughout their life. Tony Ray explains, “I feel we all have dark moments in our life whether it’s our own darkness that we’re causing ourselves or others, or dark moments that happen to us that we are struggling with. I know this song is specifically referring to the partner in the relationship being the Light, but in life our “Light” can come in many different forms, whether it be relationships, family, friends, community, spirituality and so on. So I feel this song can be an uplifting and inspirational message to find your light from whatever darkness you’re going through.”

A unique release to his previous work, Tony Ray reflects, “I’ve mostly made reggae music up to this point so this is a new genre and creative outlet I got to tap into and explore. I’ve always wanted the freedom to just create good music and not be too concerned about keeping within guidelines of genres. It was extremely fun to create audio art and do whatever I felt sounded good around the vocals Frankie J blessed me with. This will be the first of many solo projects.”

Look out for Tony Ray Jacobo’s debut single “You are the Light” feat. Frankie Jdropping on Friday, May 10th! Keep your ear to the ground, and get ready for more works on the way.

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