Soul Singer Kelly Hafner Embarks on US Tour!

Austin based R&B soul singer and songwriter Kelly Hafner is set to embark on a US tour this August! She is touring in support of her new album If It’s Love. Her show-stopping voice and unmistakably improvisational style keep listeners hooked from start to finish.  Echoing the traditions of her soul forebears like Etta James, Lauryn Hill, Marvin Gaye, and Amy Winehouse, If It’s Love tests the boundaries of neo-soul in a refreshing way.

The new album takes a dive into a soulful journey that highlights the depth of Hafner’s voice. The 10 track album keeps you listening for more as Hafner’s voice takes you on a journey with songs like vintage vocal-driven title track and lead single “If it’s Love.” She comments, “It’s about having faith in trusting your gut, your intuition when it comes to the person you’re meant to be with, and the path to take in life. It’s half about falling in love and about going through life authentically and without doubt. No matter how hard it is to honestly reflect on where we’re at in the moment.” Hafner’s lyrics “Birds fly high, time moves slow, somehow they always know where to go” highlight this sentiment. 

In the end, Hafner’s view of her own music is what gives it true soul.  She explains, “This release is for anyone who finds peace or happiness from listening to the songs, to express truth rather than perfection, to be an understanding force for people who need it, when they need it. There’s something special about communicating with people through sound, before even meeting them. That I think is magic.”

Catch Kelly on the road this August and September, coming to a city near you! In the meantime you can check out her new album If It’s Love here.
 Upcoming Shows:

  • AUG 17 – Austin, TX – Stubbs BBQ
  • AUG 23 – Austin, TX – The Sahara Lounge
  • AUG 30 – Tulsa, OK – Whittier Bar
  • AUG 31 – Pittsburg, KS – TJ Lelands
  • SEP 03 – Denver, CO – Lion’s Lair
  • SEP 05 – Laramie, WY – Coal Creek Coffee Company Uptown
  • SEP 07 – Salt Lake City, UT – Hotel RL Salt Lake City
  • SEP 09 – Forest Knolls, CA – Papermill Creek Saloon
  • SEP 10 – SF, CA – Simple Pleasures Cafe
  • SEP 11 – Palm Desert, CA – Desert Fox Bar
  • SEP 12 – Paso Robles, CA – The Pour House
  • SEP 14 – Tucson, AZ – Saguaro Corners Restaurant & Bar
  • SEP 15 – Bisbee, AZ – The Quarry

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