Fernando Monk New Single “Volemos Juntos”

Fernando Monk New Single “Volemos Juntos”


This 2020, Fernando Monk presents his most recent single “Volemos Juntos”, a love song created in Rapa Nui (Easter Island), rewritten in Spanish by him, co-produced in London and Santiago.

“Volemos Juntos” is a song with a lot of intensity and at the same time very avant-garde, mixing electronic, urban and traditional sounds, achieving a danceable and modern theme that aspires to be a trend this summer. This song was highlighted by Spotify as one of the Chilean releases of the month. 

“I am very happy to continue with my solo career, I have always liked music and I have sung all my life. My songs reflect a part of me, of my experiences, and I want to share them with everyone so they can enjoy them. Diversity and honesty are my musical tools, I want to convey positive and inclusive messages for everyone”, says the Chilean singer. 

As a new proposal in Chilean music, Fernando Monk, is a complete and integral artist who writes, composes and produces his songs. Similarly, it travels through varied musical subgenres, with Latin roots and vocal features inspired by R&B and Soul, approaching broad audiences, of different ages and using a nearby language. 

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