The Green Release New Single “My Hawai’i”

Since their formation, The Green has been a vocal supporter of Hawaiian rights and a model of what it means to be a young, modern Hawaiian. Songs like “Never,” “That’s The Way,” and “Even Before,” among many others, have become rallying cries for Hawaiian youths. Their new single “My Hawai’i,” released December 20 (Easy Star Records), is a new anthem for the Hawaiian nation, featuring guest appearances by fellow multiple-time winners of Na Hoku Hanohano Awards Sean Na’auao, Kaumakaiwa, and Kumu Hina. The band and the label are going to be donating any proceeds from the song to The Hawai’i People’s Fund. HPF has helped to support, build capacity, and amplify the impact of grassroots social change movements in Hawai’i since 1972. 

Ikaika Antone, co-writer of the song and singer/keyboardist of The Green, says, “‘My Hawai’i’ is about the ever changing landscape of Hawai’i. These changes we feel are often not in the best interest of the land or its people. It is a song that speaks of the beauty of Hawai’i, and of the importance to protect it. ‘My Hawai’i’ is inspired by the strength and courage of our Hawaiian people, and that we as stewards of this land set the right example, so that our keiki [children] may have the tools to continue to move Hawai’i in the right direction.”
Go to to stream or purchase the single.


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