Dei.3avu Releases New Debut Single “Loose”, With Music Video

Dei.3avu Releases New Debut Single “Loose”, With Music Video

Dei.3avu (pronounced déjà vu) from Amsterdam, has released their debut single and music video “Loose” late April. “Loose” is a reggae track that brings together hip hop tones with heavy roots reggae bass rifts. “Loose” is available on all digital platforms via CD Baby.

When asking Dei.3avu why they decided to move ahead with “Loose” as their debut single the band said, “Because of the positive energy and the fun lyrics, which don’t take themselves to seriously. Also, we felt that showcasing our good vibes through our single, would be a good way to introduce ourselves with.”

Additionally, Dei.3avu released a music video, which showcases the band’s personality as good fun-loving people. The video is like a tale of two cities as the first half of the video showcases parts of Amsterdam as the bands hang out on top of a parking structure. while the second half of the video shows the band driving fat tire mopeds thew the backroads of Amsterdam.

Dei.3avu is a seven-piece reggae band from Amsterdam established in 2011. The band came about when a group of friends who shared the same love for music, each picked up an instrument and started to rehearse together. These self-taught musicians evolved creatively and started to write and compose their own music.

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