Friday #MusicVideo Drop 6-5-2020, feat Deep Purple, E40, Jah9 w/ Chronixx, and More

What’s up everyone, hopefully, everyone is safe and in good spirits. We are here today with a new edition of Friday #Musicvideo Drop for June 5, 2020. On today’s Friday #MusicVideo Drop we have music videos from Deep Purple, E40, Jah9 featuring Chronixx, The Pocket Band, Kim Young Ones, Benny Freestyle, Raw Collective featuring Simloco, and Cinoevil

While you check out these new videos, and if you come across, one you really like, do us a favor and share it with a friend or a loved one. Until next week, everyone be safe, be respectful of others, and wear a mask if you decide to practice your first amendment and protest.

Deep Purple – Throw My Bones 

The Pocket Band – Drive Me Crazy

Kim Young Ones – Air in my Lungs

Jah9 featuring Chronixx – Note To Self

Benny Freestyle – Follow Me Home

Raw Collective featuring Simloco – Just Desserts

Cinoevil – Revolt

E40 – Go


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