New Music Monday (Spotify) 6-1-2020 Feat. Weezer, Murs, Thrive w/ Nico of Tribal Theory, and More

Its June 1, 2020, and we are here with a brand spanking new edition of New Music Monday. In this week’s edition, we have new music from establish and rising artists from the U.S. and across the world. We have new music from the likes of Weezer, Murs, Thrive featuring Nico of Tribal Theory, All Star Opera, Mabes, Monta Lío, Space Camp, Mama Yaya, and Fall Awake

We are currently in difficult times when it comes life with a pandemic, which has forced us to shelter in place and the injustice to an African American, while this is not the first time has forced a nation of minorities to stand up, but today, I like to give you a glimmer of positivity with these new songs. So, take the time to check these new songs out, and if you decide to protest please do in a respectable manner. Until next week be safe.

Weezer – Hero

All Star Opera – Pupa

Mabes – Might As Well

Monta Lío – Emociones Encontradas

Murs – Flowers for People Under the Stairs

Space Camp – Girl Like You

Mama Yaya – Wine

Fall Awake – Step Outside

Thrive featuring Nico of Tribal Theory – Rest Easy


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  1. W. Steven Bell

    who is Fall Awake? and where did that come from? Nice find !!

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