Music We Missed Part 2: Singles

We are back for our second installment of Music We Missed as we close out the year. Our second installment will focus on the singles we missed. Singles will come from most music genres we currently promote on our site, and we will also get these singles from both Spotify and Soundcloud. We will also pick out some music videos of singles that were released during this time as well. So, with that said, let us begin.

Tropa Magica – Feels Like Tijuana
This Tropa Magica track was released in the early parts of summer, and we were preparing to update it before our site went down. Well, now, here it is. Enjoy this awesome track from the crazy brother duo from LA in all their glory because its feeling like Tijuana

Murs – Flowers for People Under the Stairs
This track was released in late summer/early fall, and it’s an homage of a sort to the rap group People Under the Stairs. Murs really puts everything into this song as he uses his witty wordplay to tells the story of their upbringing, rise to fame, leaving Def Jam, taking it Independent, and retiring in 2019.

Through The Roots – Paper Planes
Paper Planes is a nice, smooth, melodic song about our favorite herb we like to smoke. Through The Roots are known for their medication, so making a song about our favorite girlfriend Mary Jane is a no-brainer.

Ziggy Marly featuring Tom Morello, Busta Rhymes, and Isaiah Marley – Move Your Body
Ziggy Marley’s Move Your Body is a psychedelic reggae rollercoaster. It’s very different from what we are used to, as I believe each of these artists really stepped out of the box when they created this masterpiece to have each and every one of us move our bodies.

El Dusty featuring Ozomatli, Itawe & El Grand Silencio – Pinchi Cumbia
Where did this fusion track come from? Well, from the Psychedelic mind of El Dusty, as he brings his modern Nu-Cumbia style to the forefront while featuring some of the best Latin fusion bands to come out in the last three decades. Pinchi Cumbia is the anthem I feel we missed.

Kabaka Pyramid – I Don’t Care
I’ve been a fan of Kabaka since I was first introduced to him back at the 2017 Emerald Cup. Since then, I have really liked his style, and I feel that his single I Don’t Care is one of his best tracks to come out. So check this Reggae-Rap track as he can push the envelope with his music and message.

Los Cafres – Como Ver?
This is a great lovers’ roots reggae track with some melodic key-manship. These veterans are perfectionists with their art and this song is no different. This song tells us the story about how we can be happy, while it may not be easy it’s feasible. As long as we work on being happy and sometimes it’s about crossing a certain point to be with one another.

Zion I featuring Locksmith & Saroc – Endtimes
This song is hard. It has an old school hip hop tone, giving homage to the past while pushing a more modern hip hop sound, with powerful lyrics touching on current issues, something Young Zumbi is known for. The Hook is also on point telling us listeners that today are the end times, and we need to decide and push for change.

Levi Dozier – Black Snake
This track was released a few months ago, and when I first heard it, I felt this song had a strong message as Levi sings and raps over a groovy reggae instrumental with heavy bass. This song is about the Dakota Access Line and how it has negatively affected many Indigenous people throughout the area.

HIRIE – Bonfire
This is a great end of summer track with a hard bass-line, and HIRIE never disappoints with her vocals and storytelling. This melodic song can get the groovy people up, and dancing at the bonfire. With definite singles potential, as this is a must listen to song.

Banda MS featuring Snoop Dogg & Becky G – Qué Maldición
The original song came out in early summer, and I have to say it went over my head, but I accidentally came across the music video during our downtime. I thought it was awesome animation, not only the fact that Snoop did a song with a banda but more about black and brown working together. Showing that we can unite and with a love song at that. But for this post, we will focus on the remix, which is the same instrumental but has the added effect of Becky G and her stunning voice. Check out the remix video.

Las Cafeteras & Degruvme featuring Scarub, Kimsly & La Mera Candelaria – Long Time Coming
This song/video is hot. An uptempo throwback to the disco era with a modern twist, additionally Las Caferteras always bring the positive vibes and lyrics, as “Its been a long time coming” mixing in current topics in society and doing it with an assemble of artists each one of them bringing their own flavor to make this work.

Manu Chao & Chalart58 – ALGUNDIAVACAER
With the majority of the music industry coming to a halt as live shows basically became nonexistent. Musicians and Artists began to come with new and creative ways to release visuals for their songs, and during that time Manu Chao went on a creative assault as he began releasing 2-3 videos a week. Well, this video is one of his most recent music videos from his new project. Check it…

So this is it for this update. Thank you very much for chancing out these singles and videos. We will be back tomorrow as our last update of our Music We Missed series, which will focus on the talent residing in the 831 and 408 areas. Be safe as we approach 2021 and we will be back tomorrow.


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