Music We Missed Part 3: Local Artists

Welcome back for the final installment of our series Music We Missed, and on this installment, we will focus on the local artists that have helped build the music scene in the 831 and 408 areas. These are the bands we at Sessiontapes have supported since the launch of our site. While some of these bands are not the same bands we once pushed, they are the same artists, the same musicians, and the same MC’s that have rocked the stage at Casa Sorrentos, Moe’s Alley, The Ritz, Hacienda, The Appleton Grill, and The Catalyst Club throughout the years.

I’d also like to say that this update is not only a post about what we missed, but a sneak peek into what’s going on in our backyard as well. So, higher your volume, push play, add these tracks to your playlist, share their music, and have fun rocking out into the new year.

Rise Up Reggae Band – Newsman & Empress Vibes
Rise Up has been busy this year working on new material, and at the end of summer, they release the first new single in Empress Vibes, a throwback to the era of lovers rock with melodic keys and smooth licks of the guitar. This followed with their second single in Newsman, which was released in late October. Newsman is a modern take on roots reggae with heavy bass, rhythmic keys, and smooth vocals. These tracks are a continuation of Rise Up’s work, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

The Rudians – Release My Pain & The Rudians EP Vol 1
Just like the previous band, The Rudians have been working very hard for the last year. Releasing their self-titled EP debut over the summer locally, then on all digital platforms in the fall. The Rudians EP Vol. 1 is a 5 track EP that showcases the evolution of The Rudians and their sound. With songs like Lion in the Jungle showing where they are headed and tracks like “Dome Dub” showing where they first came from. The Rudians released their latest single, Release My Pain, at the end of November, and it’s a great heartfelt song, showing the range of the band, as the rhythmic flow of keys and sax take you on a melodic joyride through the clouds.

Flaco El Jandro – Nadie
Flaco El Jandro co-frontman of ¿Qiensave? releases his solo artist debut single Nadie, a cumbia anthem blending elements of cumbia sonidera with son jarocho instrumentation. Two sounds somewhat foreign to each other, yet they work together in harmony. This mix of textures is a perfect representation of the song’s theme, identity crisis. 

Suenatron – Muerto en Vida
Suenatron has been around for a few years now. Changing up their sound with each new track recorded, stepping away from what made their father famous. They released their self-titled debut album earlier this year. In late September, Suenatron let their fanbase and the rest of the world know that they are working on new material as they release their latest single, Muerto en Vida, a song about love and heartbreak. A surprising and refreshing song, somewhat paying homage to the musicians who paved the way for them.

Ihni Sound – You Are
Ihni Sound is a brother duo mainly known as the bassist and drummer for ¿Qiensave? With additional time on their hands because of the pandemic, the brothers decided to work on their duo project, and their first single, “You Are,” was released in early September. This bilingual roots reggae track is an amazing example of the talent these two have behind the mic and other instruments. Showcasing their penmanship, compositions, and storytelling while keeping true to the heavy roots bassline.

Soulwise – Natural Motion & The Fire
Soulwise released two-track within the last 5 months. The Fire was released over the summer, and Natural Motion was released in early October. Each song showcases the band’s range as “The Fire” is a 420 friendly song about the sticky icky most Californians support and partake in, with psychedelic instrumental play and production perfectly presented with a genially wicked guitar solo. On the other hand, “Natural Motion” is a power ballet with heavy keys, smooth horns, packed with a message of uncertainties and love.

1 A.M. – Winter Heat
This young MC has a work ethic like none other. Releasing two albums in 2020. Our focus is on her second album of the year, Winter Heat, a 7 track album, which I consider being some of her best work to date. With songs like “Play My Role” and “Slide Through,” it makes it very difficult to think otherwise, as each song on this album takes the listener on a storytelling joyride.

Sunny State – Unite & Be
In late October, Sunny State released their latest single, Unite & Be. A reggae fusion track going from acoustic guitar licks and handclaps from the drum box to showcasing some uptempo ska like tones and everything else in-between. While this song has a strong message of unity, justice, peace, and being stronger together, it’s still fun loving song that we can dance to.

Philthy Dronez featuring Noah Kickback – Las Alarmas
This upbeat Latin club track was made in mind as a perfect booty shaking song, with flawless production from Philthy Dronez and a catchy hook by Noah Kickback. It’s hard to think otherwise. All I can say is, lets get the fiesta going again.

Thrive featuring Nico of Tribal Theory – Rest Easy
Rest Easy was released a week or two before our site went down. We were working on an update during that time, but it was lost. Anyway, this is a big reason why we are doing this update. This smooth reggae track has a comforting feel as Aaron and Nico sing about the one they have lost. Also, this song has one of the best choruses I’ve heard in a while.

English King – Sincerely King
Poet and MC English King released his debut album Sincerely King, an artistic masterpiece of rhymes, poetry, and singing. King’s solo album is a segway project from his commitments with The Rudians, as King is a true artist with pages of written work waiting to be placed on a track. As a listener, it’s difficult to choose a couple of standout songs as each song stands its ground as the standout. But, I do believe that “Sincerely King,” the title track, is the perfect song to begin this journey.

¿Qiensave? – Mata De Mota (Quarantine Session Video)
This band dose not need much of an introduction as they have been showcased several times this year as they released 2 new singles and music videos in preparation for their upcoming EP, which was unfortunately delayed because of the pandemic. But, during that time these guys found many ways to be creative from releasing mix drink videos to doing live streams. In late September ¿Qiensave? released their Quarantine Sessions video for their single Mata De Mota. So, check this fun video out

So that does it, the final installment of our series Music We Missed has been complete. I hope you enjoyed all of these tracks as much as I did. Everyone be safe, respect one another, have some fun, and we will see you all in 2021. until then, peace.


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