We Are Back…

Welcome Back Everyone, 2020 has been a long year, and the last 15 weeks have been even longer as our site went down due to a WordPress framework update. Now that our site is back up, I would like to take a minute to let you know some of the changes coming to SessionTapes.com moving forward. First, we will continue to do daily updates, but we will be changing things up a bit. We will no longer do New Music Mondays, but there will be some form of update showcasing new single(s). We will be continuing Friday’s #MusicVideo Drop while adding a new update along the line of Throw Back Thursday.

Next, we will showcase rising musicians through a monthly editorial, which focuses on the artist or band’s musical voyage. This will be more of an in-depth look into the featured artists’ or bands’ life, as we will do our best to tell a story through words, images, video, and of course, music. We will also bring back the video feature An Acoustic Time Out With, a multi-camera production focusing on our local artists and some of the artists who visit our area. This will allow the featured musician to strip down some of their own music and some of their favorite tracks to cover.

With the introduction of editorials and the return of video productions moving forward into 2021. It will open the door to doing other editorial related pieces and video features down the road. For now, I want to leave you by saying Thank You to everyone who supports us today and who have supported us in the past. We will see you in 2021.

Happy holidays, be safe my friends.


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