Bachaco Returns With A New Single + Music Video For “La Policía”

Bachaco the Reggae Rock & Latin Roots band has returned after a short hiatus with a brand new promotional single titled La Policía, and its available on all digital platforms. La Policía is a catchy song with some relaxed riffs, tongue-in-cheek parody and sarcasm to depict the story of an old lady and her weed-smoking, party-loving neighbor.

Stylized through Latin Cumbia and hip-hop flavors over the rhythms and beat-style of Calle 13’s “Atrévete” (cited as one of Bachaco’s primary influences), the electric guitar lines and sing-a-long melodies encompass controversial topics such as social prejudice, cannabis legality, musical tastes, and cultural differences. 

“La Policía” is accompanied by a music video that represents the song’s wittiness and has a very peculiar cast. Accompanying the themes of tackling controversial topics with a light-hearted sense of humor, the video concludes with the police joining Morillo and his musician cohorts in partying and partaking in smoking cannabis. Morillo states, “We know there are some cool, down to earth Cops out there, we have some in our area!!!  Some Police are our friends, brothers and community members.  And our community likes to have a good time!” La Policia tambien!” The video was directed by Andrés Aponte and produced by Manuel Páez. 

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