Flaco El Jandro Releases Second Single “Cuarentena Love” Over Valentine’s Day Weekend

Flaco el Jandro a chicano Indie artist released his next single Cuarentena Love over this past Valentine’s Day, weekend. Cuarentena Love is Flaco El Jandro’s second single, and this song comes out on the heels of his late 2020 release “Nadie“. You can listen to both songs on all digital platforms.

Cuarentena Love is about staying inside while the world outside is on the verge of collapse. Flaco has always been fascinated with the idea of the apocalypse, and the day that humanity breaks into a state of chaos, this can be traced back to his early days writing music with thrash metal bands. However, deep down inside he’s really a lover not a fighter, so when the rapture does come he doesn’t expect to be out burning buildings and causing chaos with the rest of the revolution. He’ll be staying inside with someone he loves, cherishing the little things we often take for granted before it all goes up in flames.  

Cuarentena Love is a jazzy, melancholy song blending acoustic, digital and lo-fi instrumentation for the perfect balance between chill and groovy. The song is Produced by Flaco el Jandro, mixed and mastered by John “LJ” Montes.

If you didn’t get the chance to check out Flaco El Jandro’s first single “Nadie”, you can below.

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