¿Qiensave? Release New Single and Music Video For “El Año Nuevo Llego”

¿Qiensave? has been had at work recording new material to release as a full band and individually. Late last week the cumberos released their latest project “El Año Nuevo Llego” in limited digital form on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, plus the music video for their latest single via YouTube.

“El Año Nuevo Llego” is a celebration and about embracing the new year, while being testament to current times as it brings the reality of this past holiday season and how social distancing has kept majority of society from spending time with family and loved ones. This cumbia is keyboard driven track with smooth licks of the guitar, and harmonic vocals as different members take up a verse showcasing their talent. Bringing back an old school 90’s romantica/baile sound that makes anyone listening to this song dance.

Even though, we are in questionable times with hope in the not so distant future of things being better,”El Año Nuevo Llego” is the right song at the right time to get us there. So, if your driving home from work, cleaning your house or just want to move your body. This song is for you. Enjoy and we will see you in the next update.

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