Deuce Eclipse Releases New Music In “Just My Sun”, A Mantra Of Hope For Parents-To-Be

Through passionate lyrics and soulful production, this first-time music collaboration, pairs iconic Hip-Hop lyricists Deuce Eclipse from the SF Bay Area, California, and multi-talented producer El Juanio from Austin, Texas. A collaboration that was birthed 8 years ago during the SXSW festival, brings you a powerful message of hope for parents-to-be.

Planning and creating a family comes with uncertainties. “Just My Sun” captures the emotional turmoil of many who desire parenthood and the positivity that should be poured into cultivating the future. Deuce Eclipse pours out his heart with a personal open letter to his dreamchild. “At the time of writing this song, I was in the process of trying to have a child. I thought about all the parents that were going through the same thing” states Deuce Eclipse. The heartfelt lyrics are paired with a melancholic hip-hop backdrop that is adorned with an indigenous flute and rhythmic tones that brings the song’s message to life!

“Just My Sun” is a track created during the pandemic – recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely remotely. El Juanio recalls, “I was recently out of Los Angeles Film School, and messing around with a native flute loop, that just captured my attention. I added a few other layers and just couldn’t stop listening to it. I remember thinking this needs a strong message, and I sent the production to Deuce Eclipse. The vibe for the song came 30 minutes later when he sent back personal lyrics added to the beat.”

“Just My Sun” is agonizing poetry that gives insight to a silent struggle. Whether you are still focusing on creating or raising a family, this powerful message is a reminder that kids need love and kindness with intention. Help us share the message and remember to always approach life with positivity and leave all that is unknown in the hands of fate!

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