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Collective Thought

Collective Thought Release Debut Album “RISE”

Vibrant reggae, hip-hop and soul fusion band Collective Thought has a sound of it’s own kind. A lyrical expression from the heart, honesty inspired by the current times we live in, and the spirit of the timeless perseverance of great musicians and free thinkers that came before them. From all different walks of life, the six members of Collective Thought combine their musical styles and riddims to create unique and unforgettable music and live concert experiences!

Hailing from Austin, TX, Collective Thought fuses the vibes and messages of underground hip-hop with reggae, soul and dub arrangements, creating a wide-reaching appeal. Formed in mid-2016, the group consists of (Emcee/Vocalist) StormShadow, (Vocalist) Kelly Hafner, (Rapper/Vocalist) Project Dead, (Bassist) Shawn Hallman, (Guitarists/Vocalist) SIlverback Jonz, and (Drummer/Backing Vocalist) Ras Christopher Francis I.
Collective Thought

Protest music, raw emotion and truth pour out of Collective Thought’s captivating and unique sound. The lyrics in their upcoming release Rise confront social issues, philosophical & existential questions, and the relationship with oneself and society. The songs continue the national conversation about racism, sexism, and classism that we see in America and globally today. “The more we listen to eachothers perspectives, the more we can understand eachother, and work through the tough realities in front of us, in order to get to a better place,” says the band. On their song “You Can”, Collective Thought sings: “Our African sons are falling, police shooting them one by one. Our mothers are tired of crying, for our fathers, our brothers, our sons.”

During the second half of “You Can”, Collective Thought flips the tables and reminds listeners of the infinite possibilities that come with the potential within each one of us. MC Project Dead raps: “You can fight like Ali did, yes you can, cause he did. Or you can dream like Martin King did, yes you can, cause he did. Or you can keep peace like Ghandi did, yes you can, cause he did. Or you can love like Bob Marley did, yes you can, cause he did.”

The band gives audiences a powerful and irie show to remember, and you can learn more about their new album and upcoming shows here.

Track listing – Rise:

1. Have Mercy
2. Revolution
3. Stars
4. Cymbolic
5. Mary Jane
6. Rise
7. Rain
8. You Can
9. Over You (Feelings Change)
10. Wondering

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¿Qiensave? Drops Their Sophomore Album “Mujer”

¿Qiensave? a Cumbia Urbana group from central coast of California, which we’ve covered and supported here on since we launched, has released their sophomore album “Mujer” earlier this summer.

The “Mujer” album, began as an exploration that became an explosion of Cumbia Urbana; Cumbia with a fusion of Rock, Reggae and Alternative, or how the band describes it – Cumbia mixed with the sounds of the street. “Mujer” is a catchy blend of music that is sure to get any party started and guaranteed to get your body moving, an energetic journey through the dance of life. In the end it is a product of the bands love and hard work, and it show through out the album.

¿Qiensave? released their street single “La Fuga” late last year as a teaser for their fans as they waited patiently  for the band to release their sophomore album, which was released  over the summer. “La Fuga” was recorded in Mexico City with Latin Grammy Nominee Eric Canales of the band Allison.

Sam Pura produced the bands lead single “High Class”. “Working with Sam was a true honor” said Carlos, “it was  fun working with a like minded individual, so much we became super best friends ”. The combination of Sam Pura’s expertise , and ¿Qiensave? energy is what makes their single “High Class” a true hit.


They create high energy dance music that has fortunately blessed them with the opportunity to travel throughout California, Mexico and Colombia. Qiensave has existed as musical entity since 2009, but within the last few years they have picked up steam through touring, and sharing the stage with acts like Celso Piña, La Santa Cecilia, Fuerza de Tijuana, and La Septima Banda among others. Currently the band is promoting the release of their new album “Mujer”  sharing their love of music, culture, and dance with the world, because dancing keeps the body healthy and a healthy body is a healthy spirit.

Mujer – Tracklisting

  1. Intro

  2. Chica Material

  3. La Fuga

  4. Suspendido

  5. La Sirena

  6. High Class

  7. Verano

  8. Luz De Neon

  9. 512-1433

  10. Mujer

  11. Chasing The Sun

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sun-dried vibes

Sun-Dried Vibes Releasing #NewAlbum ‘Stay Hopeful’ on August 24

Space Duck Records has launched pre-orders for ‘Stay Hopeful‘ the new LP from South Carolina reggae/rock outfit Sun-Dried Vibes. All pre-orders come with 5 instant gratification tracks off the record which officially drops August 24, 2018

Pre-order the album and stream tracks here:

“Stay Hopeful” features some of the biggest names in the American reggae/rock scene, such as Eric Rachmany of Rebelution, Ross Bogan of The Movement, Bumpin Uglies, Fear Nuttin Band and more.

Sun-Dried Vibes provide a fresh twist to the reggae/rock genre with their high-energy live performances that crank out infectious sing-a-longs laced with a positive message. Since their inception in 2010, the group has performed around 275 dates a year. The trio of road warriors have two previous full-length albums under their belt.

It’s not a secret that the Sun-Dried Vibes family includes a very loyal fan base, and the higher-ups have definitely taken notice. SDV has had the pleasure of supporting major acts of all genres including The Dirty Heads, 311, Slightly Stoopid, Ballyhoo, The Movement, Passafire, The Expendables, Natural Vibrations, The Aggrolites, The Supervillains, Less Than Jake, AWOL Nation, Neon Trees, The Nappy Roots and many more. The group is considered the pioneers of Southeast Reggae/Rock and they intend to continue forging the path for many years to come.

Tour Dates

7/27 – The Windjammer | Isle of Palms, SC (with Zach Deputy)

728 – Surfer the Bar | Jacksonville, FL

7/29 – Captain Hiram’s | Sebastian, FL

7/30- Phoenix Chairty Bar- Lake Worth, FL

8/10 – Freakstomp Music Festiaval | Medina, OH

8/31 Longcreek, SC- Surrounded By The Sound Music Festival

9/01 Longcreek, SC- Surrounded By The Sound Music Festival

9/2 – Surrounded by the Sound Music Festival | Long Creek, SC

9/08 Lutherville, MD- Hightopps Backstage Bash

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common kings

Common Kings Release Highly Anticipated EP “One Day”

A few weeks ago Common Kings released their single “One Day”, and this past Friday Common Kings released their highly anticipated EP by the same name “One Day” through Mensch House Records.

The new EP includes features from superstars Stephen Marley, ¡Mayday!, Matisyahu and Kat Dahlia. Common Kings’ style and music is a collection of inspirations orchestrated into an array of head rocking beats, feel good vibes, and emotional fever. Their crazy, fun-loving attitude compliments Common Kings’ live sound, producing phenomenal hits with rock, reggae, pop, and island influences. These influences originate from each band members love for various genres, and widespread knowledge of music.

The majority of Common Kings were born in the South Pacific, and raised in Orange County, California. Growing up with households full of colorful personality and vibrant passions for music, Common Kings’ members naturally grew up forming individual musical paths. This musical journey involved mimicking and listening to artists such as Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder, Geourge Benson, Jim Croce, Michael Jackson, The Who, Led Zepplin, Gypsy Kings, Earth Wind and Fire, Bob Marley and more. The culmination of these musicians explains exactly who the Common Kings are.

common kingsSessiontapes | #Sessiontapes


The band explains the inspiration behind the EP, saying “One Day is meant to be fun and crazy…like us!! When you’re in a writing session with Kat Dahlia, purchasing 99cent street tacos with the quarters you found under the couch, while staring at a lottery ticket promising to share your earnings with everybody in the room, you definitely get inspired to write about the sh** you wish you had! We hope our fans enjoy it as much as we do and we look forward to the rocking out with them at the next show.”

Ambition, passion, confidence and drive pour out of the EP’s title track “One Day.” Common Kings paints a picture most people dream of, “light the spliff, take a rip, we gone dance till the morning come…splish splash, jacuzzi full of cash…one day, when I have a lot of money” The American dream is alive and well, and Common Kings is about to release the soundtrack to it for listeners to enjoy on their afternoon drive.

The band also doesn’t hold back on sharing their views about the current state of the world in their powerful track “Revolution,” with bold and introspective lyrics like “why do we fight love?…I got the light if you need it to ease the pain.” The track also samples Kanye West’s words “we have the resources for a peaceful world.” Another stand out track on the EP, “Slow Down”, is a lust filled love song with seductive guitar chords and a solid bass line intro. Lead singer Jr King croons “You’re far from usual, never seen someone like you before, more than beautiful…we don’t have to slow down.”

Jr King is perhaps one of the most powerfully impressive vocalists amongst today’s leading artists. Born with this untrained raw-talent, Jr King’s singing ability seems boundless, as he amazes listeners with a wide range of belting notes and soulful passion. His humble demeanor off-stage needs no introduction as to when the band is rocking out on-stage creating a young, wild, and free atmosphere.

Common Kings, being the road warriors that they are, love testing new music live at their shows and say “One Day” was actually the first song they had ever performed live without releasing it. The band, made up of JR King (vocals), Mata (guitar), Uncle Lui (bass), and Rome (drums), is excited to share their new single and fan favorites alike during their coast to coast tour, and ending the year supporting Bruno Mars on his November Hawaii dates. You can listen to Common Kings’ new EP One Day now, or catch them on tour in a city near you!


¡MayDay! Set To Drop #NewAlbum “South of 5th” September 7th

When you picture Miami you might imagine the hot white sand beaches, baller poolside events, set against a skyline of glass skyscrapers, or maybe it’s the inner city streets that flow to an unheard riddim, back dropped to vibrant color buildings, and kids just hanging out in the heavy humid air.  A unique city with a blend of Caribbean cultures meets beach town USA, a place where you can feel the island energy pulsing through the city. It is this melting pot of diversity where the genre bending group, ¡MayDay! calls home, and it’s not hard to hear ¡MayDay!’s tribute to their city, Miami, on their newest album. South of 5th is due out on September 7th on tastemaker imprint Strange Music.

When ¡MayDay! set out to make this album, they envisioned their ultimate summertime beach playlist for their favorite locals only beach South of 5th and included a flare of the island vibes. The new album’s 13 tracks are a carefully curated and takes the listener through the skank and ska riddims of the Caribbean all while maintaining ¡MayDay!’s signature blend of Boom Bap Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and R&B.  An album that will easily be at home with the Cali Reggae fans as well as hip hop fans alike.

¡MayDay! knew that they were going to release a reggae influenced album when they first signed to Strange Music back in 2009. But the seeds for the album were really planted when ¡MayDay! toured with the reggae rock band Dirty Heads in 2016. The tour was met with love and appreciation as the audience embraced ¡MayDay! and left the group inspired. And it all came together when they met up with Common Kings on tour last year — they immediately knew South of 5th was the next album.  South of 5th  has no doubt put ¡MayDay! in the forefront of their genre and created something unique and amazing for these hot, hot summer days.

Album standouts include “Next to Go”, the first single released, the song is set against a ska/reggae beat, and has MCs Bernz and Wrekonize inspired by the feeling of uncertainty, which exists in life and careers. They rap about the freedom you have when you acknowledge and accept the uncertainty of life by choosing to live your best life. The second single released from the new album will be “Time is Up” featuring Stige, who is part of the ¡MayDay!’s Miami family. For ¡MayDay!, “The world is full of naysayers. Full of people who want to tell you what you can’t or won’t do. We wanted to create something for those fighting against the doubters and the clock. This one is for when you’re against the current and only you know what they don’t, the time is up.“ And “We Ain’t Sleeping” features another brother from the Miami family, Danny Acosta, who sings about the qualities of a good drinking pal, a reggae inspired track that asked, stay with me until this is done, we ain’t sleeping till it’s over.

A notable standout is “Run Up” featuring label mate and Strange Music owner Tech N9ne. It is the beach version of the classic M.O.P. “Ante Up,” with a lesson to be learned so listen up — MCs Bernz and Wrekonize warn, “DON’T GET OFF ON THE WRONG EXIT. In a city as beautiful as Miami, even in the fun & sun, one must stay aware of their surroundings.” Tech N9ne joins the crew and spits about the rudeboys and stick up kids that lurk about in twilight hours all to an upbeat skanking riff.

Closing out the album, is “Close So Far” featuring, Grammy nominated, Common Kings. Laying down the tracks of this song was one of the most memorable sessions of the album for the group. ¡MayDay! recalls, “They called us with no warning saying they had 24 hours in town and wanted to get into some vibes. Needless to say, we all rushed to the studio and basically threw a party. So many people in the room it was hard to know who did what! In the end, what came from it was a really beautiful song.”

The new album was recorded at ¡MayDay!’s legendary recording studio in Miami’s Little Havana at Poppa’s House Studios, where they’ve produced and recorded the last 5 albums. The location catches all the electricity and vibes that Miami has to offer, a unique imprint that is left on every album. Additionally, over the last few albums ¡MayDay! has been blessed to work with a great group of collaborators and artists who come and help them channel and create magic. For South of 5th, they worked with a few of those greats including producers The Pushers, Llamabeats, Michael “Seven” Summers, and a local producer from Miami, Frankie A. Vasallo.  They also add back the horn section, a throw back to their collaboration with Murs.

The South of 5th release will be followed by a national and international tour, kicking off with a record release party in Miami at the Blackbird Ordinary on September 8th. True to ¡MayDay! style, live shows will be the party of the season. ¡MayDay! promises, “we always like to keep people dancing at our shows. We’ve retooled our shows from the past few years to include a little bit of everything from our entire catalog.”

Shows will include tiered pricing with pre-order VIP options. Pre-order VIPs will receive a stack of ¡MayDay! merchandise, the new album, and VIP treatment, and pre show meet and greet at your show of choice. Plus ¡MayDay! will be choosing up to 20 lucky pre-order VIP package purchasers to pre-game with the group before their show. The tour will track from Southeast to west and Northeast, and hitting a few Canadian cities before heading overseas. Check full tour dates below and here.

Until then, you can find ¡MayDay! chillin’ South of 5th!

Track Listing


  1. South of 5th (Intro)
  2. Next To Go
  3. Shelter
  4. We Ain’t Sleeping (Feat. Danny Acosta)
  5. Run Up (Feat. Tech N9ne)
  6. New Blessings
  7. Unfamiliar
  8. Magic In The Smoke
  9. Life Times
  10. Damaged Goods
  11. Broken Mirror
  12. Time Is up (Feat. Stige)
  13. Close So Far (Feat. The Common Kings)


Tour Dates:


Sep 8 @ Blackbird Ordinary, Miami, FL
Sep 11 @ Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, FL
Sep 12  @ Spanish Moon, Baton Rouge, LA
Sep 13 @ The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX
Sep 14 @ Jack’s Patio Bar – SA , San Antonio, TX
Sep 15 @ Flamingo Cantina, Austin, TX
Sep 19 @ Launchpad, Albuquerque, NM
Sep 20 @ The Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, CO
Sep 21 @ The Roxy Theatre, Denver, CO
Sep 22 @ Mesa Theater, Grand Junction, CO
Sep 23 @ The Royal, Salt Lake City, UT
Sep 24 @ Diamondz Event Center , Jerome, ID
Sep 27 @ Club Red Mesa, Mesa, AZ
Sep 28 @ The Mint LA, Los Angeles, CA
Sep 29 @ House of Blues Anaheim, Anaheim, CA
Sep 30 @ Discovery Ventura, Ventura, CA
Oct 18 @ WinstonsOB, San Diego, CA
Oct 19 @ The Ritz, San Jose, CA
Oct 20 @ Neck of the Woods, San Francisco, CA
Oct 21 @ Holy Diver, Sacramento, CA
Oct 24 @ The Domino Room, Bend, OR
Oct 25 @ Hawthorne Theatre, Portland, OR
Oct 26 @ Nectar Lounge, Seattle, WA
Oct 27 @ The Shakedown, Bellingham, WA
Oct 28 @ The Pin, Spokane, WA
Oct 31 @ The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS
Nov 2 @ Ruby, Madison, WI
Nov 3 @ Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL
Nov 6 @ The Winchester Music Tavern, Lakewood, OH
Nov 7 @ DSTRCT, Guelph, ON
Nov 8 @ Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY
Nov 9 @ Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub, Cambridge, MA
Nov 10 @ Wally’s, Hampton Beach, NH
Nov 11 @ Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
Nov 13 @ MilkBoy, Philadelphia, PA
Nov 14 @ MilkBoy ArtHouse, College Park, MD
Nov 15 @ Shaka’s Live, Virginia Beach, VA
Nov 17 @ Vinyl, Atlanta, GA
Nov 18 @ Charleston Pour House, Charleston, SCFacebook Twitter Instagram ¡Mayday! on iTunes

collective thought

Collective Thought Releases First Single “Rise” Off Upcoming Album #NewMusic

Collective Thought a six piece band coming from Austin,TX have just released a new single “Rise” off their upcoming debut studio album by the same name Rise, which will be released on September 7th, 2018!

Vibrant reggae, hip-hop and soul fusion band Collective Thought has a sound of it’s own kind, a lyrical expression from the heart, honesty inspired by the current times we live in, and the spirit of the timeless perseverance of the great musicians and free thinkers that came before them. From all different walks of life, the six members of Collective Thought combine their musical styles and riddims to create unique and unforgettable music and live concert experiences!

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Liz Beebe

Liz Beebe releases #NewAlbum “Hush Now, Lullabies for Sleepy People”

Liz Beebe is best known as the female powerhouse of the critically acclaimed band Dustbowl Revival. With an international touring schedule that spans over continents, and months on the road, Beebe found herself becoming an aunt in the midst of the madness. A desire to be present and contribute to the lives of her family and loved ones became what is her first lullaby album, Hush Now: Lullabies for Sleepy People.

The idea of a children’s album focused on lullabies was something that had been brewing for a year or so before Liz started creating the demos. Inspiration came from her friends and family who sent her lists of songs they loved and sang to their own children. From there, she put her own unique twist on each song. Liz recalls, “I wanted to challenge myself and make something of my own. I work with seven talented musicians who, mostly, came up in the industry knowing that working and touring would be part of their career. As someone who fell in sideways, unexpectedly, I have been known to treat myself, with more doubt and skepticism. Making this album was an exercise in creativity and joy.”

While on the road with Dustbowl Revival, Liz could be found in her makeshift recording booth, a hotel closet stuffed full of winter sweaters, jackets, pillows, comforters- anything she could find to create soundproofing material. Back at home and demos in hand, Liz set out to lay down the album – with the same ingenuity she learned from the road, turning her home closet into a booth. Her bandmate, Connor Vance, lent her a hand in tracking the album’s gorgeous natural guitar, violin and viola. Daniel Gordon (Phoenix Asteroid, Sun Domingo) and Brahm Bourque (Echoes De Luxe, and Liz’s husband) produced the album and brought the playfulness and dreamy sweetness of the tracks to life.

From Liz, “I took care of children from the age of 11 until about a year after moving to Los Angeles as an adult. I used to sing those children to sleep for every nap and bedtime. I hope this album is a way of continuing that tradition, with songs people know and love.”

The standout tracks include a cover of James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James”, Liz’s favorite “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon” a song she first heard when sung by Shawn Colvin on “Elmopalooza” when her baby brother was born. Alongside classics like “Baby Beluga”, “Blackbird”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “ You are My Sunshine”. Hush Now: Lullabies for Sleepy People proves itself a soundtrack for all ages and generations and their loved ones. Album is out now on Mensch House Records.

Track List

1. “Baby Beluga”
2. “You Are My Sunshine”
3. “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon”
4. “Edelweiss”
5. “Baby Mine”
6. “Blackbird”
7. “Sweet Baby James”
8. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”
9. “Stay Awake”
10. “Dream of Powder Blue”

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Bo Napoleon

Bo Napoleon Releases #NewSingle “Poolside”

Dreamy singer/songwriter Bo Napoleon has devoted more than half of his life to the love, creation and appreciation of music. Born in 1987 in Carson, CA, his strong family roots in the Hawaiian Islands had him picking up a ukulele and playing music at the early age of 9 years old.  In the fall of 2010 he made the decision to leave college in pursuit of a full time music career; in the same year he wrote “Alcoholic” and “Wade In Your Water” which became hit songs for the group Common Kings. Bo has just released his new sensual single “Poolside” off Mensch House Records.

“Poolside” starts out with a mellow acoustic guitar strumming, a sweet-toned melody and vocal rhythmic timing that wraps lyrics around chords like a silk bow around a fresh bouquet of flowers. A love song, reminiscent of a time when people wrote all about romance. The hook paints a picture for listeners to enjoy, “Poolside Jacuzzi, ocean just you and me, bathtub with my queen, back rub for her king”.

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common kings

Common Kings Release #NewSingle “One Day” + New Fall Tour

Common Kings is back with a new single “One Day” out now on Mensch House Records. The band is hot on the heels of their hit single “Champion” featuring Kat Dahlia and continues to tour both nationally and internationally. Catch them at a city near you with Rebelution, Stephen Marley, throughout the summer and Iration this fall.

“One Day” is an uplifting and smooth tune that revolves around the theme of “riches and fame, being young and having fun,” states the band. One day is the spark everyone has to drive them to success. It is both a motivating and blissful goal. Common Kings captures this feeling in their energetic and hopeful new track. The band found inspiration during a writing session with Kat Dahlia, while purchasing 99 cent street tacos with quarters found between couch cushions. Uncle Lui adds, “You definitely get inspired to write about the sh*t you wish you had! Lol.”

Common Kings, being the road warriors that they are, love testing new music live at their shows and say “One Day” was actually the first song they had ever performed live without releasing it, until now. The band, made up of JR King(vocals), Mata (guitar), Uncle Lui (bass), and Rome (drums), is excited to share their new single and fan favorites alike during their coast to coast tour and ending the year supporting Bruno Mars on his November Hawaii dates

July 21 – Grand Junction, CO – Colorado Riverfest
August 10 – Costa Mesa, CA – The Pacific Amphitheatre*%
August 11 – Costa Mesa, CA – The Pacific Amphitheatre*%
August 12 – Las Vegas, NV – The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas*
August 15 – Bend, OR – Athletic Club of Bend*%
August 16 – Jacksonville, OR – Britt Festival Pavilion*%
August 17 – Eugene, OR – The Cuthbert Amphitheater*%
August 18 – Quincy, WA – Gorge Amphitheatre*
August 19 – Bonner, MT – KettleHouse Amphitheater
August 21 – Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory Concert House
August 23 – Boise, ID – Outlaw Field @ The Idaho Botanical Garden*%
August 24 – Heber City, UT – Reggae Rise Up Festival
August 25 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre
August 26 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre
August 30 – Fresno, CA – Woodward Park Amphitheatre*%
August 31 – Berkeley, CA – Hearst Greek Theatre*%
September 2 – Avila Beach, CA – Avila Beach Golf Resort*%
September 3  – Santa Cruz, CA – Catalyst
September 5 – Flagstaff, AZ – Orpheum Theater – Flagstaff
September 6 – Albuquerque, NM – Villa Hispana Pavilion at Expo NM*%
September 7 – Mesa, AZ – Mesa Amphitheatre*%
September 8 – Chula Vista, CA – Mattress Firm Amphitheatre*%
September 9 – Santa Barbara, CA – Santa Barbara Bowl*
September 27 – Omaha, NE – Sokol Auditorium
September 28 – Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
September 29 – Cleveland, OH – House of Blues Cleveland
September 30 – Buffalo, NY – Town Ballroom
October 2 – Clifton Park, NY – Upstate Concert Hall
October 4 – New Haven, CT – Toad’s Place
October 5 – Portland, ME – Aura
October 8 – Richmond, VA – The National
October 10 – Wilmington, NC – Greenfield Lake Amphitheater
October 11 – Charleston, SC – Music Farm Charleston
October 12 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Revolution Live
October 13 – St. Augustine, FL – St. Augustine Amphitheater
October 14 – Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
October 16 – Houston, TX – House of Blues Houston
November 10 – Halawa, HI – Aloha Stadium#
November 11 – Halawa, HI – Aloha Stadium#

*  = with Rebelution
% = with Stephen Marley
# = Bruno Mars

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zion i x vinroc

Zion I x Vinroc drops The Endless Summa Mixtape #FreeDownload

Zion I a regular on our site and Bay Area native DJ Vinroc have joined forces to bring everyone “The Endless Summa Mixtape”. I have to admit that we here at do our best to bring everyone most recent music out at the moment, but I am unsure how we missed this amazing mixtape by Zion I x Vinroc.

The Endless Summa Mixtape features new and classic Zion I tracks, and features Rebelution, Bassnectar, Matisyahu, Collie Buddz and The Grouch & Eligh. When Young Zumbi of Zion I was asked why this mixtape was released he replied with “This was created for the Free Rein Tour that I am currently on with Rebelution, Stephen Marley, and Common Kings.” then went on to say  “I wanted to highlight some more recent joints alongside some classic material.”

So check out and/or download Zion I x Vicroc The Endless Summa Mixtape below and keep checking back to for more from Zion I.

Click Here to download The Endless Summa Mixtape