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Double Tiger Drops New Video for “Nice Time” Fron His Album “The Journey”

After dropping his Easy Star Records debut album Sharp & Ready to critical acclaim, Double Tiger (Jay Spaker) is back with The Journey, which is his most diverse and personal collection to date. The album features an all-star lineup of artists including Slightly StoopidThe MovementRanking JoeElliot Martin (John Brown’s Body), Suckarie (New Kingston), and Karim Israel (Arise Roots). Double Tiger has a new video for the track “Nice Time”, which you can view below.

t has been a tumultuous couple of years for Spaker, and the music on The Journeyreflects this. He began writing and recording the record when John Brown’s Body (for which he was guitarist/vocalist) was winding down and going on hiatus. He had recently moved to Los Angeles after a lifetime of living in New York (both upstate and in the city). The sound of the tunes manage to capture this balance between his East coast roots and the West coast sound he was suddenly immersed in, with a good portion of the album heavily influenced by California life, the ocean, mountains, and the vibrant left coast culture. As Spaker puts it, “this album is a blend of the many styles of reggae that inspire me. The previous one was straight rub a dub focused. When I got to L.A., I was in a more open place and started exploring other aspects I had always loved – like lovers rock, rockers – but never really messed with in my own writing.”

While mixing and finishing the record, Double Tiger had to relocate back to Ithaca, NY, to care for his father, who was battling an illness that eventually took his life in August 2020. Add in the situation around COVID-19 and the shutdown of the touring industry – a mainstay of Spaker’s musical career – and this record becomes the soundtrack of an even bigger journey for the veteran artist.

The Journey showcases an artist hitting their stride, as Double Tiger creates one of the most exciting reggae albums of 2020. With his diverse background and different approaches to reggae, there aren’t many artists in the U.S. scene that sound much like Double Tiger. His vocal styles hearken back to reggae stars like Sugar Minott and Frankie Paul, from the earliest days of dancehall, while his music brings a fresh approach influenced plenty by current trends in the genre. Double Tiger concludes, “I am very privileged to make music and believe in its power to heal and bring folks together. This last year has been powerfully transformative with my father’s passing, COVID, etc. so having this album finally out in the world is a blessing and I would like to dedicate this one to Pops.”

The Journey is out now on Easy Star Records and available to everyone on all digital platforms

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Opie Ortiz of Long Beach Dub Allstars Launches Solo Project Opie & Family With The Release Of “Wind And Words” Music Video

Opie Ortiz has announced his first-ever solo album “Sound Sensation Vol. 1”, which will surface on Regime Music Group on September 10th.  The album was co-written between Opie Ortiz and The Aggrolites frontman Jesse Wagner, who also produced the record with additional engineering and mixing by Chris Brennan (The Aggrolites, The Expanders). Opie, whose contributions include fronting the legendary Long Beach Dub Allstars, along with his art being used in much of Sublime’s discography and merchandise like the now infamous “Sublime Sun”. To launch his first ever solo venture, Opie Ortiz has released a video for the first single for “Wind and Words” online. Directed by Tony Turrieta, the video shows Opie hilariously parodying our great nation’s Founding Fathers.

“In the video we dressed up like Benjamin Franklin and John Adams. A vision I had to bring some comical visuals to a song about waking up and having coffee and a smoke . Just having fun with the idea of simpler times. Made us laugh doing it and hopefully it brings a smile to a few folks watching it.”
The video and single set a tone for the full length due out September 10th. “This album was born out of my desire to do a solo venture and use some ideas that I had been collecting over the years,” commented Ortiz on the catalyst for his first-ever solo record. “We recorded the first three songs at Jesse’s house in Corona, CA, which is ironic as that is where I was born. Everything took a long longer on this record because of the pandemic restrictions, but writing for this album came quickly and everything just sort of flowed out during the writing sessions.”

Ortiz continues, “I decided to release this under the moniker of Opie & Family, because Jesse has always been family to me, and my youngest daughter Roxy is also featured on the record,” Ortiz added. “I would run ideas and compositions by her and had her sing on a lot of the songs opposite of me on ‘Making Decisions’. Having my family to bounce ideas off of was a huge inspiration, especially my youngest son, Oliver who is also all over this album.” 

Opie Ortiz is a legend within the West Coast reggae-rock scene. Ortiz was a founding member of Long Beach Dub Allstars alongside former Sublime members Eric Wilson, Bud, Ras 1, and Miguel from Skunk Records. The group picked up the torch and helped usher in the next generation of rock-reggae. Last year, Long Beach Dub Allstars returned with a new self-titled album that debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Album Chart .

Pre-Order “Sound Sensation Vol. 1” Today:… Street Date: September 10, 2021

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The Late Ones Drop New Video “Fake Reggae”

Conscious reggae/hip-hop hybrid band The Late Ones are known for using their music as a tool to speak out against oppression and injustice by bringing a youthful and powerful presence to the reggae community, along with a unique spin by bringing in old school hip hop to the mix. Think of the PharcydeSouls of Mischief, and A Tribe Called Quest collaborating with The Mighty Diamonds or Culture, and you get a sense of what this band’s sound is like. The group’s 2020 EP Lately showcased their inspired music coupled with universal messages of love and hope, while standing up for social, racial, and economic equality for all. Now, The Late Ones are encouraging their reggae contemporaries to do the same on their new single and music video “Fake Reggae” out now on YOUTUBE via Easy Star Records.

“Fake Reggae” is a call to action. Since its genesis, reggae music has been used as a form of resistance against oppression. With this single, The Late Ones challenge artists within the genre to use their platforms to make change and push the envelope. The band passionately states, “If you use this music correctly it can affect real change!”
Singer/guitarist Tui Avei adds, “We had already been feeling some type of way about the direction that the scene was heading. Actually a lot of people all over the nation were telling me they felt the same, but would do it in hushed conversation. We decided to speak for the people — in true Late Ones form – and  ‘Fake Reggae’ was birthed. Long goes the history of the black man/woman who gets no credit for the work we have done. This is not whining or begging. We know what is ours and we know our power. As those who represent our ancestors, it is our place to make sure we can preserve the roots of this music and continue to use it to fight against evil forces.”
The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Kat Faith @ Mint Street Vision. The video is packed with subliminal messages making the listener think and dig deeper than the surface. The visuals are created in very obvious sets, emphasizing the “fake” theme encompassed in the song. Brooklyn Vegan premiered the video and calls their music “…a seamless fusion of the grooves and harmonies of mid/late ’70s reggae with the incisive bars of ’90s Native Tongues-style rap, and The Late Ones bring that same appealing hybrid to their powerful new single ‘Fake Reggae,’ which is the first single from their upcoming album The Fourth Quarter.”
Though some may find the song to be controversial, the message behind it is pure. The Late Ones conclude, “Don’t take this personally. We are not singling anyone out, but rather hope to start a conversation within the community. We don’t want our culture, music, or message to be watered down any longer.” More singles and powerful messages can be expected on their debut studio album, The Fourth Quarter, due out later this year on Easy Star Records.

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Jah Sun & The Rising Tide Release New Video for “Rock Paper Scissors”

Jah Sun & The Rising Tide are proud to announce “Rock Paper Scissors,” the first single from their upcoming album Running Through Walls, due out this Summer. The single is out now and is accompanied by a vibrant video filmed on location in Goa, India. The band will be on tour starting in May to showcase music from the upcoming release. Full tour dates below.

“Rock Paper Scissors” is a song about the games we play when we’re in love. Everyone can relate to the confusion when we fall for someone. The song is about the ups and downs of love. Like love, it has an intoxicating vibe that oddly makes you feel good even though you might be hurting. Jah Sun elaborates, “The song title and lyrics throughout are a fun play on words to what would otherwise be a sad love story. We’ve all had someone play with our heart – and it especially hurts when we’ve fallen for them. Rock Paper Scissors is that song, but with our positive, feel-good spin on it.”

He adds, “It takes the pain of love and turns it into a playful song with clever lyrics. The music takes the mind off the pain and lets it heal as the body grooves to the music. It’s special because it will help people get past heartbreak and who knows – find someone new to vibe with!” The single was produced with producer/multi-instrumentalist Jallanzo “Dub MatriXx,” who collaborated to spread the message of positivity and love through uplifting sounds.

 The single has a strong connection to Goa, India, where Jah Sun performed in early 2020. It was recorded at AMT Studios and the music video filmed on location in Goa India by Seen Productions and features the actress Elyseah Shaikh.
The Rising Tide features lead vocalist/singer-songwriter Jah SunTony Thompson on guitar, Lexington Mainard on keys, Beau “Arrow” Sheppardon bass/harmonies, Nick “Kirbz” Kirby on drums/harmonies, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Omar “Jallanzo” Johnson.
Combined, these musicians form Jah Sun and The Rising Tide. Through their music, these artists are spreading waves of positivity, love, and respect in the hopes of awaking in their audience a desire to live to their ultimate potential. Look out for another single dropping June 25th before the full album release and don’t miss the opportunity to catch them at a city near you.
Jah Sun & The Rising Tide will be releasing their album through their new record deal with AMT Entertainment and also signed for booking and management with Hip Joint Creative.
At AMT Entertainment our goal is to discover talent and foster creativity for independent musicians and artists both nationally and internationally. Located in the beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, our team and facilities create the perfect environment for musicians and artists to feel inspired and experience the “magic” that all artists long to create.
Listen to Rock Paper Scissors
5.21                                   Cottage Grove, OR                     Coast Fork Brewing
5.22                                   Grants Pass, OR                           Sound Lounge
5.27                                   Bend, OR                                       River’s Place
5.28                                   Beaverton, OR                             The Garages Satellite Pub
5.30                                   Virginia City, NV                          Red Dog Saloon
6.4                                     Salt Lake City, UT                        Liquid Joe’s
6.5                                     Twin Falls, IF                                 Koto Brewing Company
6.9 & 6.10                       Albuquerque, NM                      Eclipse
6.11                                   Pueblo, CO                                    Brues Alehouse
6.12                                   Phoenix, AZ                                   Last Exit
6.16                                   Colorado Springs, CO                 Black Sheep
6.17                                   Denver, CO                                   Mile High Station
6.18                                   Cheyenne, WY                             Fridays on the Plaza
6.19                                   Grand Junction, CO                    Warehouse 2565
6.20                                   Aztec, NM                                     Tico Time River Resort
6.22                                   Denver, CO                                   Your Mom’s House
6.23                                   Austin, TX                                      Empire Control Room
6.25                                   Fort Worth, TX                             Ridglea Theater
6.26                                   San Antonio, TX                           Reggae Bar



Bachaco Returns With A New Single + Music Video For “La Policía”

Bachaco the Reggae Rock & Latin Roots band has returned after a short hiatus with a brand new promotional single titled La Policía, and its available on all digital platforms. La Policía is a catchy song with some relaxed riffs, tongue-in-cheek parody and sarcasm to depict the story of an old lady and her weed-smoking, party-loving neighbor.

Stylized through Latin Cumbia and hip-hop flavors over the rhythms and beat-style of Calle 13’s “Atrévete” (cited as one of Bachaco’s primary influences), the electric guitar lines and sing-a-long melodies encompass controversial topics such as social prejudice, cannabis legality, musical tastes, and cultural differences. 

“La Policía” is accompanied by a music video that represents the song’s wittiness and has a very peculiar cast. Accompanying the themes of tackling controversial topics with a light-hearted sense of humor, the video concludes with the police joining Morillo and his musician cohorts in partying and partaking in smoking cannabis. Morillo states, “We know there are some cool, down to earth Cops out there, we have some in our area!!!  Some Police are our friends, brothers and community members.  And our community likes to have a good time!” La Policia tambien!” The video was directed by Andrés Aponte and produced by Manuel Páez. 

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The Los Sundowns Bring The Latin Psychedelic Soul To The Forefront With New Self-titled EP

The Los Sundowns is a breezy record of Psychedelic Soul conceptualized by Beto Martinez (Grammy-winning Guitarist/Producer-Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, Money Chicha) and Daniel Villarreal (Drummer and DJ, Dos Santos). Written, Recorded and Produced by Martinez at his studio, Lechehouse Music, and featuring a host of friends across the 6 tracks, the reverb-laden platter conjures the sound of Latin American balladeers and crooners of the 60s, updating the vibe and transporting the listener to a beachside hang from sunup to sundown. The duo have just released their new video “Los Angeles,” encapsulating the vibe of the record and the spirit behind it. It features the haunting background vocals of Fermin Sanchez of CDMX based band The Guadaloops, and transports the listener to a quiet beach at sunset with equal parts blissful relaxation and introspective melancholy.

The Los Sundowns began as a concept between longtime collaborators Beto Martinez & Daniel Villarreal. Beto explains, “We discussed this idea and concept for about a year, before I finally found myself with some significant time off at the end of 2019 after heavy summer touring. I had set in motion a general plan to initiate multiple collaborations with musicians I knew and make 2020 a year of releases for me outside of my main bands. I began to demo some songs and send the ideas to Daniel and we set a date in January for him to fly down from Chicago and begin tracking these songs.” Luckily the duo was able to get the foundation laid through their initial January session in Buda, TX at Beto’s Lechehouse Music studio, before COVID-19 changed the course of the year. These sessions evolved with overdubs and final arrangements before they tapped into their talented pool of friends.

Alex Chavez, lead singer of Dos Santos contributes to the first single “Al Final de La Tarde.” “Al Final de La Tarde” is a classic, yearning ballad, awash in reverb and sorrowful lament. It suggests the range of emotion that can be teased up while watching a beautiful sunset, from content satisfaction giving way to a lover’s remorse of what is and what could be. “Al Final de La Tarde” was written by Chilean Crooner Buddy Richard and interpreted by Los Angeles Negros, whose version The Los Sundowns adapted. Alex Chavez lends lead vocals and perfectly captures the emotion of the song. 

Darksides” was the second song written for the record. It implies a more sinister turn from the rest of the record. Driving guitars and heavy drums drive an emotional change and tides shift to more aggressive attitudes as slightly darker vibes emerge from the shadows. “Quiereme” is a classic, soulful low-rider ballad. Vocalist and drummer Alex Marrero (Brownout) sings of yearning to be loved and to have his lover by his side alongside bass from Greg Gonzalez (Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, Money Chicha). The style and instrumentation suggest an uncomplicated nostalgia, old-school Chicano Soul. The band closes the record with “Se Cae El Sol.” The final track is built on a driving and emotive bass line. The Farfisa Organ, played by Peter Stopschinski (Brownout), lends an almost classical flair to the cinematic and reverb-drenched guitar, which climbs from a haunting melody to a climactic staccato solo.

For 20 years Beto Martinez has written and released music in the context of bands Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, and Money Chicha. Each have their unique voice and his songwriting has filtered through those collectives. Martinez concludes, “With this release, I hope to reveal another side, to showcase my myriad influences and also present a more concise depiction of my songwriting as direct from the source, unadulterated and without the inevitable filter of the larger band dynamic, or the considerations of the live environment.  The project was developed conceptually with Daniel Villarreal, who initially suggested exploring the vibes and sounds of the Latin Psychedelic Soul we both have a strong affinity for. His initial suggestions led me to write these songs and ultimately, his drumming tied the record together.”

The self-titled debut EP is Out Now on vinyl and on all digital platforms, via Martinez’s new record label, Lechehouse Music, in partnership with Fat Beats Distribution.

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Leilani Wolfgramm Releases Acoustic Cut “The Trial”

Tongan singer-songwriter Leilani Wolfgramm has released the acoustic version of her song “The Trail” alongside the accompanying music video out today on tastemaker label Mensch House records.

“The Trail (Acoustic)” is a new, more raw version of the song originally released on 2018’s Live Wire. For Leilani, revisiting the songs is a path to understanding herself more deeply, re-examining the people and memories that shaped her into who she is today as well re-focusing the song on the autobiographical nature of the lyrics rather than the production. “The original is heavily produced and I wanted to do something that showcased the lyrics without any distractions. There’s something vulnerable and raw that connects you differently to a song when it’s stripped down… that’s why they say stripped, because all you have is your voice and the song” explains Leilani.

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¿Qiensave? Release New Single and Music Video For “El Año Nuevo Llego”

¿Qiensave? has been had at work recording new material to release as a full band and individually. Late last week the cumberos released their latest project “El Año Nuevo Llego” in limited digital form on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, plus the music video for their latest single via YouTube.

“El Año Nuevo Llego” is a celebration and about embracing the new year, while being testament to current times as it brings the reality of this past holiday season and how social distancing has kept majority of society from spending time with family and loved ones. This cumbia is keyboard driven track with smooth licks of the guitar, and harmonic vocals as different members take up a verse showcasing their talent. Bringing back an old school 90’s romantica/baile sound that makes anyone listening to this song dance.

Even though, we are in questionable times with hope in the not so distant future of things being better,”El Año Nuevo Llego” is the right song at the right time to get us there. So, if your driving home from work, cleaning your house or just want to move your body. This song is for you. Enjoy and we will see you in the next update.

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Friday #MusicVideo Drop 7-31-2020 Feat. Alicia Keys, Anderson .Paak w/ Jay Rock, Chronixx w/ Kabaka Pyramid, and More

Welcome everyone, we are here on July 31, 2020, for a brand new edition of Friday #MusicVideo Drop. In this edition, we have several brand new music videos from some of today’s hottest and rising artists from across the world, The music videos for today’s edition are from Alicia Keys, Anderson .Paak featuring Jay Rock, Chronixx featuring Kabaka Pyramid, Atmosphere featuring Music & Muja Messiah, Chronixx featuring Kabaka Pyramid, Rosalia featuring Travis Scott, Bramma featuring Anthony B, and Conkarah – Memories. Additionally, we have one classic music video from the legendary Bob Marley

So check out every one of these videos as there is something for everyone, and be safe over the weekend.

Alicia Keys – Underdog 

Atmosphere featuring Music & Muja Messiah – Dearly Beloved 

Chronixx featuring Kabaka Pyramid – Same Prayer

Bramma featuring Anthony B – Dancehall Rock

Anderson .Paak featuring Jay Rock – Lockdown

Conkarah – Memories (Acoustic Maroon 5 Cover)

Rosalia featuring Travis Scott- TKN

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birtds


Friday #MusicVideo Drop 7-24-2020 Feat. Imagine Dragons, Jesse Royal, Evidence, and More

It’s July 24, 2020, and we are back after a few weeks off. In this edition, we have several new music videos that have been released in the last couple of months, plus a throwback video that many may enjoy. So, check out these new Music Videos from Imagine Dragons, Jesse Royal, Fyah Roiall, Evidence, Lil Baby, Kabaka Pyramid, Run The Jewels featuring Greg Nice & DJ Premier, and Akon featuring Pitbull.

So, without further ado, enjoy the latest edition of Friday #MusicVideo Drop, share your favorite video with a friend, loved one, or your social media buddies. Until next time, be safe.

Akon featuring Pitbull – Te Quiero Amar

Evidence – Unlearning 

Jesse Royal – Clear My Head 

Lil Baby – The BIgger Picture

Imagine Dragons – Nothing Left To Stay

Fyah Roiall – Nobody

Kabaka Pyramid – Can’t Breath

Run The Jewels featuring Greg Nice & DJ Premier – Ooh La La