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Friday #MusicVideo Drop 7-31-2020 Feat. Alicia Keys, Anderson .Paak w/ Jay Rock, Chronixx w/ Kabaka Pyramid, and More

Welcome everyone, we are here on July 31, 2020, for a brand new edition of Friday #MusicVideo Drop. In this edition, we have several brand new music videos from some of today’s hottest and rising artists from across the world, The music videos for today’s edition are from Alicia Keys, Anderson .Paak featuring Jay Rock, Chronixx featuring Kabaka Pyramid, Atmosphere featuring Music & Muja Messiah, Chronixx featuring Kabaka Pyramid, Rosalia featuring Travis Scott, Bramma featuring Anthony B, and Conkarah – Memories. Additionally, we have one classic music video from the legendary Bob Marley

So check out every one of these videos as there is something for everyone, and be safe over the weekend.

Alicia Keys – Underdog 

Atmosphere featuring Music & Muja Messiah – Dearly Beloved 

Chronixx featuring Kabaka Pyramid – Same Prayer

Bramma featuring Anthony B – Dancehall Rock

Anderson .Paak featuring Jay Rock – Lockdown

Conkarah – Memories (Acoustic Maroon 5 Cover)

Rosalia featuring Travis Scott- TKN

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birtds


Friday #MusicVideo Drop 7-24-2020 Feat. Imagine Dragons, Jesse Royal, Evidence, and More

It’s July 24, 2020, and we are back after a few weeks off. In this edition, we have several new music videos that have been released in the last couple of months, plus a throwback video that many may enjoy. So, check out these new Music Videos from Imagine Dragons, Jesse Royal, Fyah Roiall, Evidence, Lil Baby, Kabaka Pyramid, Run The Jewels featuring Greg Nice & DJ Premier, and Akon featuring Pitbull.

So, without further ado, enjoy the latest edition of Friday #MusicVideo Drop, share your favorite video with a friend, loved one, or your social media buddies. Until next time, be safe.

Akon featuring Pitbull – Te Quiero Amar

Evidence – Unlearning 

Jesse Royal – Clear My Head 

Lil Baby – The BIgger Picture

Imagine Dragons – Nothing Left To Stay

Fyah Roiall – Nobody

Kabaka Pyramid – Can’t Breath

Run The Jewels featuring Greg Nice & DJ Premier – Ooh La La


Friday #MusicVideo Drop 7-3-2020 Feat. Iration w/ Eick Rachmany & Stick Figure, Popcaan, Shakira w/ Anuel AA, and More

We are back after a few weeks off with a new edition of Friday #MusicVideo Drop for the first Friday of July. in this edition of Friday #MusicVideo Drop, we have new videos from some of your favorite artists like Iration featuring Eick Rachmany and Stick Figure, Popcaan, ZZ Ward, Dax, Jah Cure & Mya, Shakira featuring Anuel AA, and Murs & The Grouch featuring Thees Handz.

So check out these awesome tracks, as there is definitely something for everyone here. Until next week be safe, wear your mask while in public, and

Dax – Black Lives Matter

Popcaan – Promise

Shakira featuring Anuel AA – Me Gusta

Jah Cure & Mya – Only You

Thees Handz, Murs & The Grouch – RWTHYA

ZZ Ward – The Deep 

Iration featuring Eric Rachmany & Stick Figure – Rigth Here, Right Now


Friday #MusicVideo Drop 6-5-2020, feat Deep Purple, E40, Jah9 w/ Chronixx, and More

What’s up everyone, hopefully, everyone is safe and in good spirits. We are here today with a new edition of Friday #Musicvideo Drop for June 5, 2020. On today’s Friday #MusicVideo Drop we have music videos from Deep Purple, E40, Jah9 featuring Chronixx, The Pocket Band, Kim Young Ones, Benny Freestyle, Raw Collective featuring Simloco, and Cinoevil

While you check out these new videos, and if you come across, one you really like, do us a favor and share it with a friend or a loved one. Until next week, everyone be safe, be respectful of others, and wear a mask if you decide to practice your first amendment and protest.

Deep Purple – Throw My Bones 

The Pocket Band – Drive Me Crazy

Kim Young Ones – Air in my Lungs

Jah9 featuring Chronixx – Note To Self

Benny Freestyle – Follow Me Home

Raw Collective featuring Simloco – Just Desserts

Cinoevil – Revolt

E40 – Go


Friday #MusicVideo Drop 5-29-2020 Feat. Tory Lanez & T-Pain, Mike Love, Planet Asia, and More

Its May 29, 2020, and the last Friday of the month, as of June, is on the other side of this weekend. Today we bring to you a new edition of Friday #MusicVideo Drop, with new videos from established and rising artists from across the U.S. and the entire world. On this week’s edition of Friday #Musicivideo Drop, we have music videos from Tory Lane & T-Pain, Mike Love, Planet Asia, Command Sisters, Rissa Boo, Always The Alibi, Candido Fabre, and José Alberto “El Ruiseñor”, Space Kamp, and Radicals.

Everyone check these videos out, its a good mix of different genres of music and visual creativeness from each artist/band. So stay safe, have a good time with friends, family, and social media communities this weekend, we will be back with a new edition of Friday #MusicVideo Drop next week.

Tory Lane & T-Pain – Jerry Sprunger

Command Sisters – I Can Do What I Want To

Rissa Boo – Hippie Hardcore

Always The Alibi – Remember This

Mike Love – These Are My Roots

Candido Fabre and José Alberto “El Ruiseñor”  – Cualquiera Resbala y Cae

Space Kamp – 500 Miles

Radicals – Call

Planet Asia – Passport Player


Friday #MusicVideo Drop 5-22-2020 Feat. MAGIC!, Lila Ike, Stypes P, and More

Welcome back, everyone for a brand new Friday #MusicVideo Drop for May 22, 2020. On this edition of Friday #MusicVideo Drop, we have brand new music videos from established and rising artists that we love or will discover. The videos we have this week are from MAGIC!, Lila Ike, Stypes P, Shinobi Stalin, Los Bitchos, Dax, Valley, Caro Lopez, and A Kind Of Man.

As you end you week at and begin your weekend, while at home or out, let these videos get you in the mood. As you check out your favorite artist lates music video or discover a new artist you never heard of before. All these video are great. So keep safe, keep distance, take care of your health, and we will see you here next week.

Lila Ike – I Spy

Shinobi Stalin – Peace Built Sorry

Los Bitchos – Pista

Dax – Joker

MAGIC! – Rude

Valley – There’s Still A Light In The House

Caro Lopez – Mundos Paralelos

A Kind Of Man – Flip & A Kind Of Man

Styles P – Time


Dei.3avu Releases New Debut Single “Loose”, With Music Video

Dei.3avu (pronounced déjà vu) from Amsterdam, has released their debut single and music video “Loose” late April. “Loose” is a reggae track that brings together hip hop tones with heavy roots reggae bass rifts. “Loose” is available on all digital platforms via CD Baby.

When asking Dei.3avu why they decided to move ahead with “Loose” as their debut single the band said, “Because of the positive energy and the fun lyrics, which don’t take themselves to seriously. Also, we felt that showcasing our good vibes through our single, would be a good way to introduce ourselves with.”

Additionally, Dei.3avu released a music video, which showcases the band’s personality as good fun-loving people. The video is like a tale of two cities as the first half of the video showcases parts of Amsterdam as the bands hang out on top of a parking structure. while the second half of the video shows the band driving fat tire mopeds thew the backroads of Amsterdam.

Dei.3avu is a seven-piece reggae band from Amsterdam established in 2011. The band came about when a group of friends who shared the same love for music, each picked up an instrument and started to rehearse together. These self-taught musicians evolved creatively and started to write and compose their own music.

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Friday #MusicVideo Drop 5-15-2020 Feat. Lil Wayne, Ozomatli, Arise Roots w/ Lutan Fyah, Nattali Rize, & Turbulence, The Four Owls, and More

Its May 15, 2020, and we are here with a brand new Friday #Musicvideo Drop. Today’s update features music videos from Lil Wayne, Ozomatli, Arise Roots featuring Lutan Fyah, Nattali Rize, & Turbulence, The Four Owls featuring R.A. The Rugged Man, Maluma, Reserva Fantasma & Curandera, Glass Animals, The Pocket Band, LMNZ, and Mad Apple Circus featuring Y Dott

As we inch closer to the end of our stay at home/shelter in place, order and our desire to hit the beach, feel the sun, and have a good time. Check out these videos, as they are all feel good video to make your day a good one. Until next time, be safe

Arise Roots featuring Lutan Fyah, Nattali Rize, & Turbulence – Lions In The Jungle

The Four Owls featuring R.A. The Rugged Man – Air Strike

Maluma – ADMV

Reserva Fantasma & Curandera – Ridera

Glass Animals – Dreamland

Ozomatli – Dos Cosas

The Pocket Band – Just For You

LMNZ – We 

Mad Apple Circus featuring Y Dott – Shuffle Media 

lil Wayne – Piano Trap & Not Me


Friday #MusicVideo Drop 5-8-2020 feat. Meek Mill w/ Justin Timberlake, E.N young w/ Inna Vision, Afro B w/ T Pain

Today is May 8, 2020, and we are here with a brand new Friday #MusicVideo Drop for you all. Today we have new videos from various established and rising artists like Meek Mill featuring Justin Timberlake, E.N young featuring Inna Vision, Afro B featuring T Pain, StillJune, Digging for Kanky, Los Bitchos, 60 East featuring A-F-R-O, and Mercy Collazo featuring Meter Mobb.

So kick your feet up, get hit play and watch these incredible videos. until next week be safe and get some sun, we all need it.

Afro B featuring T-Pain – Condo

60 East featuring A-F-R-O – Sleep Talk

Mercy Collazo featuring Meter Mobb- Pendejo

StillJune – Conflicts of Life Intro

Meek Mill featuring Justin Timberlake – Believe

Digging for Kanky – The Ugly

Los Bitchos – The Link Is about To Die

E.N Young featuring Inna Vision – Forward Livity

Friday #MusicVideo Drop

Friday #MusicVideo Drop 5-1-2020 Black Eyed Peas, Lila Ika, Logic w/ Eminem, and More

We are officially in May and we begin the month with a brand new Friday #MusicVideo Drop for the day of May 1, 2020. Today we have new and classic videos from established and rising artists. The new videos we have are from Logic featuring Eminem, Lila Ike, Black Eyed Peas featuring Ozuna & J. Rey Soul, Angelica Garcia, Olmeca, Karla Holt, Gotopo, and Teck-Zilla & Psalmural.

The classic videos we have this week come from UB40, and Digital Underground featuring 2pac. So, check this week’s videos, get your groove on while your shelter in place, and hopefully by next week we begin to take a step or two back into normality.

Angelic Garcia – Karma The Knife

Olmeca – The Message

Logic featuring Eminem – Homicide

UB40 _ Red Red Wine

Karla Holt – gracias Por Rendirte

Digital Underground featuring 2Pac – Same Song

Gotopo – Malembe

Lila Ike – Where i’m Coming From

Teck-Zilla & Psalmurai – Soul Caliber/Samural Dreams

Black Eyed Peas featuring Ozuna & J. Rey Soul – Mamacita