2 Minutes With One Oz, Plus New Music


Hey what’s going on everyone today we are introducing a new video Feature titled “2 Minutes With”, and we have Fresno, CA’s own One OZ. on it’s introduction video. The band One Oz. consist of JDub (vocals & guitar), Ryan (guitar), Macker (bass), Krisko (drums) & Erok (keyboard). One Oz came out to Salinas, CA to perform at Casa Sorrento Pizzeria a couple of months back, and while out here I got a chance to catch up with them and get a little video. Also J Dub passed along a new song to share with everyone titled “ Millions Miles” and I have to say this song makes you want to skank with One Oz. for a million miles. So check out Sessiontapes’ latest video feature “2 Minutes With” One Oz. , and their latest song “Million Miles” below.


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